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Meat and Bread at the Three Tuns

A few months ago I blogged about the Bristol phenomenon that is Meat and Bread, and judging by the fact that it’s regularly one of our most searched for posts, you lot are as obsessed with him as we are. What could be better than mountains of home cured meat, dripping in sauce, crammed into an Artisan roll? Well I’ll tell you what…that. But in the pub!

photo (21)

Now for those of you who might not know what all of the Meat and Bread hype is all about, here’s the story in a nutshell. Meat and Bread man turned up on College Green one lunchtime a few months ago, with a little cart selling sandwiches. Pretty simple, right? But these were no normal sandwiches and soon enough rumour started to spread about just how good they were. To add to the  excitement, Meat and Bread conducted all of his marketing and promotion entirely on Twitter. If you wanted to be in with a chance of getting one of his sandwiches before they sold out you had to have a keen eye on his Twitter feed to find out what time he’d be arriving, and what was on offer that day. Soon enough people were queuing on College Green a good half hour before he arrived, and it’s been that way ever since.

So in light of his popularity it was pretty inevitable that Meat and Bread would be looking to branch out, and he’s been teasing us all for the past few months with rumblings of a permanent set up. Being the clever bugger that he is, he kept the location shrouded in mystery. He finally put us all out of our misery last week, when he revealed that he’d be taking over the kitchen at The Three Tuns from Tuesday – Saturday for the foreseeable future. Cue huge cheers from anyone who works within a mile of there!

photo (16)

We popped down to suss out how Meat and Bread at The Three Tuns was working out last Friday, and unsurprisingly it was a huge success. My only experience of The Three Tuns is from being a student, when it was a little bit scuzzy and was the sort of place you’d slope off to smoke fags and drink Thatchers. Thankfully it’s much nicer now, and although it’s pretty dinky is nicely decked out with comfy old Chesterfields, chunky wooden benches and a nice open fire. It still serves Thatchers too, which is a winner in my book, as well a good range of beers.

Now onto the sandwiches! When Meat and Bread was operating out of his cart there were only ever two choices of sandwiches, for obvious reasons. Now that he’s got a whole kitchen to play with you can choose from six different varieties, including one veggie option. Between our group we opted for classic Reuben sandwiches (Salt Beef, Sauerkraut, Swiss Cheese and Russian dressing) and Jerk Chicken, served with home made Coleslaw, Banana Ketchup and Hot Sauce. There was a bit of a wait on when we visited, with the sandwiches taking just over half an hour to arrive, but when they did there was absolutely no doubt around the table that they were 100% worth the wait.

photo (19)

I’m a sucker for Salt Beef anyway, but this was easily the best I’ve ever had. I’m also really greedy, so the fact that Meat and Bread sandwiches are always verging on overfilled makes me really, really happy. I could go into detail about how amazing everything else was but instead I’ll let the pictures (and the look of sheer joy/concentration on everyone’s faces!) do the talking.

photo (20)

photo (17)

photo (15)

photo (22)

VERY happy customers!

VERY happy customers!


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