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The Friday Chair Dancer

Pile of Fifty Pound Sterling NotesHands up pay day millionaires!! I was paid yesterday and I feel like I’m positively rolling in it right now, which will no doubt result in an extravagant weekend, followed by three weeks of being very, very careful with my finances. Pretty standard procedure for most of us then, eh?

But regardless of how much money we’re all going to blow this weekend there’s one thing we can all do for free – have a good old chair dance!

Here’s what we’ve been getting our groove onto this week. As always, share yours with us via Facebook, Twitter or leave us a comment – enjoy!


This week Frankie’s chair dancing to…

Tough week! There have been some absolute bangers sausaging their musical awesomeness about the place (yeah, that’s a real sentence with real adjectives and verbs right there!). Meg and I actually had to confer this week to make sure we weren’t going to go for the same song but luckily we have one mind and had both selected the same two tracks to choose from so I went for Lady Bee and her amazing moombahton track “Murda Dem”.

It’s international Woman’s Day next Friday (that’s the 8th) and Passion radio have asked for female DJs to step forward and take over the station for the day. Duchess are going to be playing from 10-11pm and we want to highlight some powerful female producers and Lady Bee is certainly one of those! She’s pretty eclectic with her production style but it tends to fall within moombahton, elctro house, garage and global bass. As well as producing her own tracks she’s an MC, has mad DJ skills, boshes out awesome mash-ups, is killer hot and she’s signed to Mad Decent (so knows Diplo). That’s what? Awesome times infinity brilliant.

This week Meg’s chair dancing to…

Today I’ve been chair dancing to one song, and one song only, which means regardless of whether I’ve been loving anything else this week, there really is no question when it comes to my Friday chair dancer selection.

It’ll also come as no surprise that it’s a Major Lazer track!

Franks and I have made no secret about the fact that we are unashamedly obsessed with Major Lazer, and to be more specific, Diplo. Yes, it helps that he’s rather easy on the eye and can often be found DJing in an Alexander Wang suit, but all of this is irrelevant when you consider just how flipping brilliant his music is.

Major Lazer released this track, Watch Out For This (Bumaye), Ft Busy Signal, Flexican and &FS Green on Soundcloud a few days ago, and I haven’t stopped listening to it since. It’s the classic Major Lazer fusion of dancehall, moomba, electro and everything in between and it’s had me wiiiiiinding in my seat since the first listen.


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