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What we think is just nice this week

I dyed my hair bright orange this week. It was a mistake. I love it. But now I’m feeling really colourful and I want the summer to get here! I want to sit in a Bristol park and drink rum and old Jamaican ginger beer while listening to music on me boom box, I want St Paul’s carnival and I actually want it this year, I want the harbour festival, free music in queen square, drinks outside of the Arnolfini, tipis with tapas, boat parties and  festivals. Let’s just all wish for summer really hard and I’m sure we can make it happen. Sorry, downer. Let’s cheer ourselves up with some midweek, even Wednesday hate’s Wednesdays, highlights…


leggingsThis week Cloe’s highlight is…


It’s been bloody chilly again and this year I have really been feeling the cold – it’s almost like it creeps into my bones! Now originally I wasn’t too sure on the idea of wearing thermals again, it conjured up images of being a child forced into what can only be described as awful cream bobbley long johns that where so damn itchy you would think I had chicken pox. However apparently this is no long the case! My mum pointed me in the direction of good old Marks & Spencer, as she also is a fellow coldy, and to my delight thermals have caught up with the times! They now consist of some nice neutral colous, a variety of shapes and they are super soft and feel luxurious. So after being kitted out with a Heatgen black vest,  grey and print long sleeve top and some black leggings I was ready to face the cold days wearing my new thermals! And the best bit is that they really do keep you warm –  what more can I ask for!

This week Frankie’s highlight is…

Bubble and squeak. I cooked a big roast on Sunday and had a billion potatoes left over, fact. I don’t do traditional roasties because I have a better recipe (I am lazy): I get baby potatoes and cover them in olive oil, garlic and loads of rock sea salt (the good shit), then I roast them for about 2 hours- when the meat is resting I blast these bad boys to get them super crispy. Anyway, I had loads of these puppies left over so I mashed them up with some left over cabbage, chucked in some salt and pepper, made them into little cakes, shallow fried the bastards and served them up with red wine gravy. Food Win!

This week Meg’s highlight is…

#willpowerIf there’s one thing I love more than planning an event, it’s planning an event that’s for a good cause. And when that good cause is particularly close to home it’s even better!

As I’ve mentioned before, my cousin Will underwent a life saving heart transplant on New Year’s Eve. Whilst he was waiting for his heart his friends at Bristol Uni started the #WillPower campaign on Twitter, with the aim to spread the word about the importance of organ donation. This got me thinking about just how many people in Bristol (and beyond!) were backing Will, and the #WillPower charity gig was born!

The gig will take place at Clifton Hill House on Friday 15th March, and will feature a line up comprised of Will’s friends, family, and those connected to him. It goes without saying that Franks and I will be piggy backing on this and will be DJing as Duchess, but we’ve got a flipping awesome line up, including the likes of The Club Three Jazz Band, Cassette Culture and The Boy Royals (they’re all VERY good FYI) If that wasn’t enough we’ve managed to persuade Will’s Dad, composer Phil Pope to perform some comedy songs with his good friend and comedian, Rory McGrath – not bad, eh?! You can get full details of the line up as well as all the latest news via the Facebook event.

All proceeds raised will go to the WillPower fund, a collection set up my Will’s Mum which will go directly back to the transplant team at Harefield hospital, where he’s spent the last seven months. After all, if it wasn’t for them (and of course his donor) Will wouldn’t be here today.

You buy your ticket for just a fiver here, and if you haven’t already done so, you can join the organ donor register here.


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