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The Friday Chair Dancer

Hello Friday! How have you been? Seems like just yesterday me and you were hanging out, getting our dance on and causing mischief. Seriously though, where has this week gone!? It’s almost March! And I have to run the Bath half soon and I am NOT prepared. I’ll do it, because I’m stupid, but it’s going to hurt. As a result of this I think it’s going to be a quiet one for me this week. If you guys are up for some party party action you may want to look at the following nights:

Dirtytalk at the Looking Glass – House, Disco and Sleeze apparently. Sounds awesome.
Four Tet at the exchange- You should have got tickets for this, I didn’t and I’m gutted.
Space Invader Radio at the Big Chill- This is probably where you would have found me, cider in hand.

Happy Friday everyone


This week Cloe’s chair dancing to…

An amazing remix of the fantastic Fly Like An Eagle by the Steve Miller Band.

I am not quiet sure why, but this track seems prefect for this afternoon. It always puts me into a bit of a day dream and it really is a mix that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the beats to. This particular version also featured heavily in my Ibiza holiday a couple of years ago so does take me back to the warm. Anyway this is very rambally but I hope you enjoy the track!

This week Frankie’s chair dancing to…

I’m totally obsessed with the magic tapes that the Magician releases once a month and so are lots of people I know. He released one this week and everyone went a bit nuts for it! If you haven’t listened to it yet get on it right now! Here it is for you. The whole mix is beautiful there’s a lot of deep house in there but it’s also a beautiful fusion of disco, funk, 90’s rave and hip hop samples. Which brings me onto my track for this week! The second song in the mix uses a sample from Still D R E which you will instantly recognise and adore. It’s by a chap called Claptone and it is super super deep. It’s the sort of song that absolutely has to be played on a massive sound system for you to fully appreciate the bass. Turn it right up and happy chair dancing!


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