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The Friday Chair Dancer

dance-qordsSo it was Random Acts of Kindness week this week? Do anything randomly kind? The other day a woman cycling on the pavement (The Pavement!) ran over my foot, I saw her again this morning and I did not push her off her bike- Random act of kindness for the week complete. It was also Valentine’s day, quite possibly the most irritating day of the year. Not because I’m single but because of what it stands for. Listen, you want to use it as an excuse to do something nice with someone you love I’m all for it but just making an effort one day of the year? I am not down with that. Also, there’s a lot of pressure on the men isn’t there? Now I have to be careful what I write here as my parents read this so, sorry Mum, sorry Dad. But, the 14th of March, steak and blow job day, sounds much more appetising. Well….most of it does. I like the steak part. Let’s just leave it at that.

And if this week wasn’t rammed to the max already there’s The Duchess Disco on Saturday where Meg and myself will be playing some tunes and dancing like loons- I hope you can all join us. It’s at the 3 Sugar Loaves (bottom of Christmas steps), free entry, starts at 9pm.


This week Meg’s been chair dancing to…

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – 2013 will be the year of trap music. And with the explosion of Baauer’s Harlem Shake, it looks like my prediction might have been right!

As is always the way when something moves from the underground to the mainstream, Twitter has been awash with Trap ‘purists’ having a moan about Baauer being a sell out, but do you know what? Who gives a shit?! If you love a genre of music then chances are someone else out there is going to love it too, and if it starts getting played on the radio then it’s highly likely that lots of other people are going to pipe up and say “Oooh that’s good!” And no, not just because it’s being played on the radio, but because it’s actually a damn good tune!

That said, I actually heard my chair dancer, Baauer’s collaboration with hip hop big shots Just Blaze, being played on Radio One the other day, and whilst it did stop me in my tracks it wasn’t for the fact that it was being played on ‘mainstream’ radio – it was because it was being played at 7:30 in the morning! This track is deep, dirty and a brilliant example of Trap music done really, really well – not necessarily something most people are after before they’ve even cleaned their teeth!

So have a listen – chance are you’ll be hearing it a whole lot more if Nick Grimshaw’s got his hands on it! 😉

This week Frankie’s been chair dancing to…

The wonderful sounds of Mr 50 and his brand spanking new EP The City of Sin. Now, I should say that Mr 50 is a very dear friend of mine but I absolutely would not big this up unless I didn’t think it was AMAZING and I have genuinely been chair dancing to it all week. He’s a Cornish boy but has lived in Bristol forever and the EP is being released by Devon based record label Riddim Fruit Records– this chair dancer is so WEST COUNTY you don’t even understand it. Mr 50’s style is described as “Glitch Hop and Bass gets in bed with Funk and Reggae” and I could not put it better myself. I probably would have said “makes out with” but that’s just me….

The full EP was posted to Soundcloud recently and you’ll be able to buy it on the 18th of this month. If you’re into it I suggest that you do buy it and support our local talent! We’ve got bags of it. Now, crack open that scrumpy and get into it.

This week Cloe’s been chair dancing to…

A massive curve ball! It’s the start of London Fashion Week today so I thought what better way to celebrate what is rumored to the best London fashion week to date, by taking it old school with the amazing Madonna and Vogue! It’s a total classic and even though it’s not really in the theme of the regular chair dancing tracks I bet you are tapping your toes and doing the awsome Vogue dance moves!


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