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Do the Harlem Shake!

Back in November I chose a song for my Friday Chair Dancer called Harlem Shake, by a dude called Baauer. Baauer is a New York based producer, who’s signed to Diplo’s Mad Decent label, and towards the end of last year he started making waves with this particular track. It’s bassy, it’s dirty, it’ll make you pull a beast of a bass face – on the whole it’s a bit of a winner.

But fast forward three months and Harlem Shake is making even bigger waves for an entirely different reason. It’s gone viral!

As it turns out, Harlem Shake isn’t just a catchy name that Baauer dreamed up – it’s actually a dance move that originated in Harlem in 1981, and went mainstream in the early 00’s when it was widely used in music videos. In practice, it looks a little bit like this:

hit-dat-harlem-shakeSo as is the way with these kind of things, it was only a matter of time before someone took to YouTube, and the craze has grown ever since. It’s not hard – the trick seems to be this – lose your shit when the bass drops and make sure everyone around you does the same!

There are some absolutely amazing Harlem Shake videos out there, but these are my personal favourites so far. You can see more at, who have listed their top 25.

The first one (apparently)

Harlem Shake with your nans (one of my favourites!)

Harlem Shake in the office

Star Wars Harlem Shake

Father and Son Harlem Shake (my favourite!)

So who’s up for doing a Bristol edition?!!



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