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The Friday Chair Dancer

So if I’ve learnt anything this week, it’s this. Not only is Beyonce Queen of the World, she’s also Queen of the Bass Face – a facial expression that we’re all very familiar with here at It’s Just Nice – especially on a Friday!

If you haven’t seen some of the amazing pictures of Beyonce performing at the Super Bowl that have been doing the rounds on the internet this week then you’ve been missing out. Throughout her performance Queen B pulled some of the most impressive bass faces I’ve ever seen – I reckon she’d even give Frankie a run for her money! You can have a look at some of B’s bass face highlights here.

So if that hasn’t inspired you to stick your headphones in and get your wind on to something funky then take a listen to the tracks that have been making us pout this week.

Happy Friday everyone – get chair dancing!


This week Meg’s been chair dancing to…

This Gerd remix of Romanthony’s Let Me Show You Love.

This track is actually surprisingly easy on the bass by my standards, but I’ve been chair dancing pretty much non stop to it all week. I’ve also discovered that funky disco house, such as this, is downright amazing to run to – it’s like having a disco in the gym and the treadmill’s your dance floor.

I haven’t heard the original of this particular track, but this remix is a little bit 90’s, and builds up so subtly that by the end you’ll be bouncing like a maniac and you won’t have any idea how you got there. Winner!

This week Frankie’s been chair dancing to…

Everything and all over the place. Arrrgh I can’t decide and I’m kind of rage full as I write this because my computer is being a DICK! I’m sure everyone knows what this is like: It’s a Friday, you’re mad busy, you’re trying to work like the wind so you can go for lunch and leave on time. Yep? Been there? And then your computer decides to crash because it can’t cope with that fact that you want to have every browser open looking at a million different tabs. DICK. There’s really only one thing to do in this situation…Play it heavy and play it loud!

Now one of my favourite artists in the world is Boys Noize (sexy German bastard) and one of his best tracks is “What you want”. I stumbled across this Dirty Disco Youth remix the other day and it’s amazing. Bass faces to the ready, and Meg, B aint got nothing on my bass face! (*raises finger, pouts lip’s, head snaps).

This week Cloe’s been chair dancing to…

You’ve Got The Love – Mixed by Mark Knight ft. Swedish House Mafia!

By now I am sure that it is apparent that I do love my big house tunes and I like to kid myself that I actually do live in Ibiza! I think that’s where I really do live my head… But anyway back to the chair dancing and the fact that everything Swedish House Mafia touches turns to gold meaning that the Ibiza resident gods fulfill my quota to the max! This is a great little remix and really sets me up for the weekend! Get you rave arms at the ready!


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