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What we think is just nice this week….

It’s certainly been a week of weather with personality! Storms, thunder and lightening, loads of rain, the odd hail stones and of course a little peep of sunshine! I view all of this as an awesome thing and now believe that spring is on its way, which is not only Just Nice, it’s bloody brilliant!

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This week Cloe’s highlight is…


I do love a Just Nice highlight to be food related! I think that’s because I really do take pleasure from eating and enjoying little treats – otherwise known a tasty morsels! And what a treat it was to have pancakes and maple syrup on a Sunday morning! Now I am a big breakfast food eater, I even go as far as having breakfast type meals for lunch and dinner so you can image my delight when my boyfriend surprised me with proper American style pancakes and syrup! The really ace part of this was that he didn’t even have to trash the kitchen to make them, he cheated and got the pre-made ones from Sainsbury’s! They were divine and were heated up in the toaster – so easy! So why not treat yourself this weekend and get some pre-made pancakes and syrup to enjoy! It’s totally worth it and kinda makes you feel a little smug!

This week Frankie’s highlight is…

boxing bootsFinding my old Adidas boxing boots! I bought these in my first year of uni, so early noughties, and I was obsessed with them! Not to box in, you understand, but to dance in! They are the perfect shoes to wear when you absolutely need to dance all night long and they will be making an appearance on the Future Boogie dance floor this Saturday, with my disco pants, while performing the running man. You know what? I’m going to wear my bum bag too. See you under the disco ball y’all. Apologies for the not so great photo of them, it’s a quick under the desk shot as all of the ones online have them done all the way up, like they are actually going to box in them or something?! Ridiculous! And yes, they are a bit dirty but they’ve been to several warehouse raves with me so give them a break!


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