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What we think is just nice this week

Does all this snow make you want ice cream? No? Just me? I can’t stop thinking about the stuff. It’s not my weekly highlight or anything but just thought I would mention it. So it’s still snowing, I still haven’t been sledging, all is not well with the world. But, January is almost over! The most depressing month of the year. And, it’s almost payday – hands up if you’re down to your last ten pounds and you’ve been eating egg fried rice (homemade, obviously)  all week? Again, just me?

Right, let’s do this then! Ever the optimists we always find something to brighten our week, even when it’s cold and we are poor. Here’s what we’ve been finding just nice this week…


turbanThis week Frankie’s weekly highlight is…

I’ve got short hair that really should be managed a bit better and occasionally styled but I am lazy; I am also vain. Now these two attributes don’t really go hand in hand so I’ve got to find ways of looking good with minimum effort. Enter the headscarf. I’ve been rocking my headscarf for years now. I have my favourite and he’s often on my head hiding the fact that I have not bothered to style my hair that morning.  But, I really shouldn’t wear it everyday. If I could I totally would but it doesn’t go with everything I own. So last night I was hitting up ebay to try and find some new headscarfs and I came across some turbans! I actually already have a black turban that I wear but these are something else. They are by a company called Anna Chocola and I just love them. You can buy them on ebay for £22 but I actually think they might be quite easy to make (she says) so I’m going to try making myself one first. Then I’ll give up and just buy one.

full_left_column_full_left_column_cbb-2013-eye-640x360This week Cloe’s weekly highlight is…

Celebrity Big Brother!

No this isn’t a wind up and no I haven’t gone mental!  My highlight this week really is Celebrity Big Brother – my guilty pleasure! If you think about it, it really is the ideal program to fill these very cold and very dark nights. It’s surprisingly amusing watching minor celebrities with  large egos, all trying to live together, compete and shine in order to rekindle their careers. What makes this series a little more special to watch is, unlike other years where everyone does their best to get on, this lot hate each other! At the heart of all of these incidents is wonderfully irritating Speidi!

If you have missed it you can catch up on 5 on Demand –  after all we all deserved a giggle, especially at the end of January!

This week Meg’s weekly highlight is…

The Monday just gone is statistically the most depressing day of the year, and boy, did I feel it. I don’t think I’ve ever been in such a vile mood.

However, as is usually the way with those kind of days where you sway between an insatiable need to roar at everyone who crosses your path, and wanting to burst into tears, a really, really great track managed to save the day.

The track in question is a remix of one of my all time favourites, Heads Will Roll by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. I was obsessed with the A-Trak remix, and I’m now suitably obsessed with this one by Kid Kamillion.

As per my Chair Dancer from last week it’s Trap inspired, and I’ve also discovered it’s an amazing track to run to. Pretty handy seeing as I signed up for the Bristol 10k this week – eeeek!



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