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Dig Haushizzle- New Home Furnishings Shop, Colston St

shopMeg sent me a link the other day to a new shop in Bristol telling me that I would probably love it, and she was only bloody right wasn’t she! The shop in question is called Dig Haushizzle and is a vintage/reclaimed home furnishing shop and it is rather marvelous. Now before you all start shouting “I could find all that for half the price” well good for you, go spend hours sourcing it for yourself.  Quite frankly I don’t have the time (to busy dancing). I actually don’t have the money to buy anything from this shop either…but if I did!

You may recognise some of the pieces if you frequent The Gallimaufry and if you don’t, why don’t you? Go now, leave work! Anyway, the Gally displayed some of the stock from Dig Haushizzle before they had their shop. I had my eye on this taxidermy magpie because it was lush, I love a bit of taxidermy (I have a parrot called Dead Polly) and I’m a self confessed magpie (oooh look so shiny). I saw it on the Dig Haushizzle website and was like “hang on a minute, I’ve seen him before”. So last week I took myself off to Colston street to check out the shop and to have another look at that Magpie.

I’m so glad I went down, because even though I can’t afford much from there (especially Mr Magpie) it really is a beautiful shop. I was greeted by Cassie, who owns the shop with her husband Ed, who was very welcoming and had a nice chat with me (even though I had said I just wanted to take some photos). They have obviously spent a lot of time sourcing the pieces that they are selling, there is absolutely no tat! I also think that the prices are very reasonable,  it’s just that I never have any money. They also strike me as the sort of people that you could go to and say “I want a taxidermy squirrel riding a badger” and they would do their best to find it for you.

The shop is full of unique and quirky pieces and there is more on the website that is not in the shop and If you’re looking for antlers (who isn’t) then this is your place! They have a great selection. Some large and some small, like this one here:

photo (4)

£25! Bargain. Plus they were a good size.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good photo of Mr Magpie but you can have a look at him on their website along with lots more stuff I didn’t snap. I did get a few good pics for your visual pleasure though…

Oh hello Chesterfield!

Oh hello Chesterfield!

I want this so bad!

I want this so bad!


A corner full of treats.

A whole wall of antlers! I think these were around £150

A whole wall of antlers! I think these were around £150

So, if you’re looking for some unique furniture, an interesting bit of taxidermy, antlers or anything else for your home I suggest that you avoid the flat pack option and go to Dig Haushizzle. Let’s support our lovely local independent shops!


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