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The Friday Chair Dancer

Hey, guess what everyone?! It’s only bloody snowing – bet you didn’t know that?!

Sarcasm aside, I’m typing this from my rather cosy home ‘office’ (complete with fairy lights and disco balls as standard) as I’ve been snowed in! I’m quite lucky that I can listen to music at work, but working from home means I can discard the headphones and turn it up LOUD whilst I work.

Working from home - snowed in!

Working from home – snowed in!

If you’re part of the ‘working from home crew’ like me then crank the volume up, make the most of it, and have a good old Friday chair dance!


This week Meg’s been chair dancing to…

Oooh, this is a tough one, as I’ve listened to loads of good music this week.

Judging by what I’ve been hearing on Soundcloud this week it’s looking like 2013 is lining up to be the year of Trap music. With this in mind, my choice for my Friday Chair Dancer is this brilliant Trap mix from one of my current favourite DJs/Producers, Dan Gerous.

I first came across Dan Gerous when a friend sent me a link to his Moombahton EP, and I loved it so much I use two of the tracks on it back to back in my set.

This particular mix opens with a bit of reggae and then gets progressively deeper, darker and dirtier – lovely!

This week Frankie’s been chair dancing to…

I’m at work because I can walk, I have a really big fur coat and a killer pair of pink Docs- it sucks hard. Nah, it’s not really that bad I just want to play in the snow. I think Meg is onto something with her 2013 prediction, it’s definitely the year for trap! But, I also think it’s going to be a year of mixing musical styles up a bit! I think we’re going to hear trap getting it on with moombahton, moombah making out with swing and trapped up R&B – which I am totally down with. So, like Meg, I’m going for a mix this week. This is a moombahton mix from Nadastrom. It’s definitely got a moombah beat running through it but it’s got hints of swing, trap, electro house, deep house etc. It is also guaranteed to make you pull a bass face- DO IT!



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