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What we think is just nice this week

Brrrr, gloves up if you’re cold today! But where is the snow? I am loving how the media has gone totally insane about the impending snow and the fear that they are trying to instill into us that the whole country is going to grind to a halt. Yeah, we’re probably not the best equipped country for snow, but it’s not like we have to deal with much of it that often. This is actually my favourite kind of weather, crisp and sunny, perfect for wearing an amazing coat and sunglasses! Yes, I’m vain.

So what’s been warming your cockles this week? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook. Here are our picks….


This week Meg’s Weekly Highlight is….. 

Modern-Family-58-2Modern Family!

I’m notoriously bad at watching films, or getting into a series on TV as I just don’t have the patience and get so easily distracted. However, over Christmas I discovered Modern Family, and I’m completely obsessed.

On face value I was expecting this to be your bog standard American sitcom – suburban family, some moderate LOLs, you get my drift. But Modern Family couldn’t be further from this. Yes, the storyline for each episode centres around the Pritchetts, a run of the mill extended family living in suburban America, but the characters are just so brilliant, and the episodes so well written that I’ve been hooked from the very beginning!

It’s very rare that I’ll watch something where I genuinely love every single character, but give Modern Family a go and you’ll be in turmoil over who’s your favourite. Personally, I think I’d have to go with Gloria, the impossibly beautiful Columbian second wife, but it’s a tough call – they’re all hilarious.

66672011_HThis week Cloe’s Weekly Highlight is…


Now I never really used to be a coffee drinker… I would enjoy a fancy Starbucks or Costa latte every now and then, but I would never really venture pass them. This was until a couple of weeks ago my housemate Robyn brought us home some free samples of Nescafe Azera. I was instantly dubious as instant coffee surely is just instant coffee – this aside I wanted to prove her wrong so tried a cup… And, wow, to my surprise what a cup of instant coffee it was! It certainly fulfills its job of being barista style coffee in an instant and has got me hooked on the stuff!

So with the cold weather officially back and with everyone feeling it why not treat yourself to a lovely cup of coffee each morning – I think it’s the least you could do for yourself!


This Week Frankie’s Weekly Highlight is…

These amazing purls from Kate Spade. I love Kate Spade and I often trawl the site for anything lovely. Of course, I can’t afford any of it but maybe one day… These would look lush worn with a simple black dress, a fur coat, some over sized sunglasses and red lippy while sipping a cocktail in the winter sunshine. Yes, I’m vain.


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