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The Friday Chair Dancer

no-standingTwo Words: Major Lazer! OMG I’ve just turned into a giggling school girl who says things like amazeballs and totes, non ironically, because Major Lazer is coming to Bristol in May and Meg and I have tickets. SCREAM! I wish I could show you all of the emails I’ve received from Meg on this subject, one of my favourite lines was “Mate – I will lose my shit. Like actually lose the plot.” which sums the whole affair up quite nicely. If you are not familiar with the music from Major Lazer or Diplo I can only assume that this is your first time reading this blog and that you are in fact a hermit who lives in a cave.


This week Frankie’s chair dancing to…

Well it’s Major Lazer isn’t it! But which one to pick? I’m a big fan of dancehall and Major Lazer has definitely got his duttty wine on and Bruk out is especially wonderful. I like this Buraka Som Sistema mix because,well, because it’s awesome. Grinding in my chair as we speak in preparation for rubbing myself up against Diplo.

This week Meg’s chair dancing to…

Ok, it’s taking every ounce of will power I have not to choose a Major Lazer track for this week’s Chair Dancer, as I can’t even begin to tell you how bloody excited I am about going to see them, but I’m going to stay strong and stick to what I’ve actually been dancing to this week – the Funk Manchu remix of Sam Sparrow’s The Shallow End.

This track was the soundtrack to my Christmas, and I’m still not bored of it. I can’t even remember how I came across it but from the first listen I was hooked.

The vocal will probably sounds familiar, as it’s none other than Sam Sparrow of Black and Gold fame, but mix that in with a seriously funky disco beat and that super camp but completely addictive “Woo-hoo!” and I challenge you not to dance!

This week Cloe’s chair dancing to…

This week you might say that I have been musically challenged… January is rearing its ugly (cold) head and I have not really loved anything. That has meant that this week I have had to dig deep and thought that I would share one of my favorite mixes from last year – Surprise surprise it features Daft Punk! If you are an avid reader of the chair dancer you may remember this little beaut but if it’s new to you you are in for a treat! Happy Friday!



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