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What we think is just nice this week

Happy New Year everyone! 2013…sounds futuristic doesn’t it?!

So whilst I hand on heart hope that all of you had a fantastic Christmas and a brilliant New Year, if you’re anything like me (impatient and slightly grumpy at this time of year) then you’ll be utterly fed up of people asking the inevitable back to work question: “How was your Christmas and New Year?” Enough already!! Let’s just get on with it!

So with that in mind let’s move swiftly on, and focus on what has been perking us up this week, which is undoubtedly the most depressing week of the whole year – FACT.

We’re always up for hearing about what’s been making you smile, and this week is no exception, so if you want to let us know what’s making the first week back at work a little bit more bearable for you then just shout! We’re well up on the old technology, so you get hold of us on Twitter, Facebook or via email at!

This week Meg’s weekly highlight is…

Image 1028My brand new Cambridge Satchel!

I’ve been coveting Cambridge Satchels ever since Frankie got hers about 18 months ago (she’s always well ahead of the trends is our Franks), and being a bit stuck on what to ask for for Christmas, I decided to push my luck and see if anyone loved me enough to buy me one of my very own.

Turns out they did, as on Christmas morning my boyfriend Will presented me with this beauty! As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before I don’t have much of a grasp on the ‘less is more’ concept, so I thought I’d go all out and opt for the Fluro edition. I know it’s a cliche, but it really has brightened up the start of this very drab, depressing January.

This week Cloe’s weekly highlight is…

20130109-115055.jpgLuxury Gifts!

We are all slightly over Christmas now and all the turkey and pigs in blankets might seem a bit of a blur. But that’s not going to stop my highlight this week which is luxury gifts – the gifts that keep on giving! It might be a sign of the times and/or the fact that I am getting older but I really do now appreciate a lovely luxury gift, like a new expensive foundation and a large bottle of Dior J’adore (both of which I got)! In my opinion these are the gifts you just wouldn’t buy yourself in these times of austerity. These are the little touches that in the darker months can make a big difference and that is why I think they really are just nice!

This week Frankie’s weekly highlight is…Fisherman's Friend

Fisherman’s Friends! I’ve had a cold for what feels like forever and I can not shake the bugger. I forgot that my mum bought me a box of these a while ago and they have been saving my life for the last few days (over reaction? No). I remember the Fisherman’s Friends that my gran used to give me and they actually tasted like death (again, I’m going to say that this is not an over reaction) these new and improved friends are blackcurrant flavour so they taste nice, they stop you from coughing and your throat catching on fire. Plus you get to be a fisherman and today I am wearing a stripey nautical jacket with anchor buttons- you’ve got to think these things through….

Check out their website– actually really good and they do loads of flavours- who knew?


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