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Saturday at the Social

So, who’s already quit their dry January pledge? I broke mine at 6.30pm on Friday for a glass of delicious cider although I did resist going out and swapped a night on the town for a game of monopoly. Did you know there’s no physical money in monopoly any more? You have credit cards! Plus all the good pieces have gone like the dog, boot, top hat and instead you have a skate board, roller boot and mobile phone. And don’t even get me started on the street names.

Anyway, that’s not the point of this post… Because I didn’t go out on the Friday I decided to treat myself to a nice lunch on the Saturday. So, I met my sister and a friend and we mooched on over to the Social on Cheltenham Road. The Social has been about for a while now but I often underestimate how much I like it. It’s got a very relaxed atmosphere, the staff are always friendly, lots of cosy sofas, board games (I didn’t check for monopoly), and a good menu.

Now I’ve only ever been there for lunch or their pie and a pint on a Monday so I can’t comment on their main meals, but they look pretty good and it’s all very reasonably priced. All three of us opted for open sandwiches with chips which were under a fiver, bargain yums.

  tomsandThis was my sarnie- Balsamic tomatoes and red onion. Super simple but really delicious.

briesandMy sister went for the Chicken, bacon, somerset brie with berry chutney- Again this was really nice and the chutney worked really well as otherwise I think it would have been a bit heavy.

mushsandAnd lastly my friend went for the flat mushroom, lemon, garlic, mustard dressing and spinach.  I didn’t try this one but there were loads of “mmmmmm” noises.

The Social also does weekday deals, my favourite being the Pie and a pint for a fiver on a Monday. So, if you’re looking for somewhere nice and relaxed where you can get some good grub get yourself down to the social. And if they do have monopoly there, and it’s got physical cash, let me know!


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