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The Friday Chair Dancer

Room4It’s our last Friday chair dancer of the year and what a year of chair dancing it has been! We hope that we have made your bums wiggle, your toes tap and provided you with the prefect way to start the weekend! This part of our blog really has been great fun to write this year and has made us keep our headphones in scanning the web for what we think is hot that week! It will certainly continue into next year and I am sure that the wonderful Duchess ladies (Meg and Frankie) will affirm themselves as our amazing resident DJ’s. Today we have picked some tracks to end this year on a high and bring in Christmas and New Years in style!

Whatever you may be up to have a blast, eat too much and see you all on the other side in 2013!!! (That is if the world doesn’t end today…)

Big love Cx

This week Meg’s been chair dancing to…

This flipping marvellous Disclosure remix of Artful Dodger’s Please Don’t Turn Me On.

If this year has belonged to anyone in the dance music world, it’s undoubtedly been Disclosure. Not only are the duo (who are also brothers) ridiculously young at just 18 and 21, but they’re also disgustingly talented.

I’ve loved pretty much everything they’ve done this year, in particular their remix of Jessie Ware’s Running, but this remix of garage classic Please Don’t Turn Me On by Artful Dodger (of Craig David all over your ‘boink’ fame) has had me chair dancing all over the place this week.

If I don’t hear this at least once at New Year I’m going to have a tantrum!

This week Cloe’s been chair dancing to…

I feel like I should start by saying that pop music isn’t really the genre of music I would normally lean towards – however, that aside yesterday I spotted this this beauty on Pinterest… And I basically think it’s an amazing way sum up of 2012 in music!

The track itself is by DJ Earworm and called Mashup – United State of Pop 2012 (Shine Brighter). And a mashup it certainly is! It features everyone from Taylor Swift, Ellie Golding, One Direction and many more very, very poppy people. But the clever bit about it is that it sounds like it could be an actual song and not a mashup at all! I think it really has been put together beautifully, and just seems to totally work as a great way to sum up the year. The video is also very cleverly edited to feature basically everyone in pop doing their stuff!

Overall this might seem like I have thrown in a little curve ball ball in, but it’s totally worth a watch and should be enjoyed as a little cracker of a mix!

This week Frankie’s been chair dancing to…

I have actually been pretty bad on the new music front this week. What I have been doing really well is going to lots of Christmas parties, coming home drunk, having some late night mixes and then sleeping until 11am when it all starts again. So I don’t really have anything new to shout about this week but I do want to highlight some artists that have been introduced to me this year that I absolutely adore.

First up- The Magician follow this dude on soundcloud, his monthly magic tape mixes are great for discovering new music (although he never adds a tracklist so you have to do some detective work). The song that put me onto him this year was a remix of RAC’s “Hollywood”.

Then we have Moon Boots – I love this guy! Every track he produces is glorious. He’s done a lot of remixes and some originals.  It was hard to pick just one from him but I do love this remix of Little Boot’s “Headphones.”

And last up is The Fat Rat. This guy is the king of the remix! He can take an average pop song and turn it into an absolute banger. He has his own sound, so you know it’s his remix as soon as the song starts, and I bloody love that! Again, so many tracks to choose from but this remix of Static Revenger’s “Turn the world on” makes me want to dance around like a loon.

Get on your chairs my lovelies and dance like your life depends on it- because today, it just might!


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