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The Friday Chair Dancer

So, today is my last day at work before Christmas. I’m really really trying to do some work but it’s hard! What I’m currently doing really well is listening to music and getting my chair dance on! So, why not join me?

I’m flying solo today but that doesn’t mean you have to dance any less! In fact I want you to dance harder.


So this week I’m chair dancing to…

I’m wearing a dress today that I bought in Germany when I was 14 so I’m running with the 90’s vibe with my song selection. I heard this track on the Magician’s latest mix (listen- the track selection is very good). He opened with this song and it’s rather marvellous. It’s not in your face, it’s a pretty calm and unassuming house track but I love the piano chords as they give it a rhythm that makes me shake my shoulders around a lot! Also it’s got some synth! And I really can’t listen to a track without a bit of synth! Vocals are nice too. Basically I like it all. The track is called “When I see you” and is by Magic Touch and Sapphire Slows. On the Magician’s latest mix he goes from this track into an Alex Metric remix of “Sun” by Two Door Cinema Club rather beautifully, so I really do recommend you put that on this afternoon for some listening pleasure!


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