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Shopping in the Wolds

I was feeling unwell this weekend and so I did what I always do when I feel ill, I went home to my parents. I’m from a little village in the Cotswolds called Didmarton (I live on the Street- gives you an idea of how small it is!). Didmarton is just a few miles down the road from Tetbury, which is where I went to school. Now, when I went to school in Tetbury it was full of antique shops and that was about it! It’s still full of antique shops but now it’s also scattered with some beautiful independent shops too!

I decided to force myself out of bed on the Saturday to have a mooch around Tetbury to try and find some Christmas presents and I’m so glad that I did. Tetbury is a beautiful old market town that epitomises the Cotswolds charm that so many people are fond of (I took my Italian friend, Val, there once and I thought she actually might die from all the excitement). It’s a beautiful place just to walk around but I was there to shop!

Tetbury2There were two shops in particular that I wanted to visit and they were so lush I had to share them.

First off is Artique. This place has been in Tetbury for as long as I can remember and it’s still one of my favourite places in the world. My pictures do not do this place justice you must see it for yourself! You step through the front door and it’s like walking into India. From top to bottom, inside every nook and cranny, this shop is full of  treasures. They sell all kinds of everything here from antique furniture, carpets and rugs, jewellery, religious statues, beads, jewels, ceramics, hanging lanterns, sarees, furnishings and silk scarves. I could go on and on with that list!

Artique entrance

You’re greeted by this view as you walk into Artique while the wonderful smell of incense hits you. The shop goes quite far back so you’ve got some good exploring to do from here.

Artique pillows

Just one little corner full of gorgeous pillows, scarves, vintage sarees, tiffins and more.

Artique lights

I was trying to get a good snap of the hanging lights, as they are beautiful, but I must apologies for being ill and not having the best eye on me. They are seriously lush and range from about £25 so I think make perfect Christmas presents.

Artique light

I need this!  Sorry it’s not the best photo, but this is the most impressive chandelier I have ever seen.

Artique figures

Another corner full of stuff!

I’ve really only taken photo’s of the front room. Step into the back and there’s a room full of carpets, another full of furniture (actually several full of funiture) and then there’s an outside space too. Basically there’s a lot to see and enjoy! The shop is owned by George, who is lovely and really great if you want to ask for some help. They’re not pushy in here so go and have a look around, I dare you to leave empty handed! Oh and they have the cutest boxer who jumps! Have you ever seen a boxer jump? It’s amazing.

The next place you must visit in Tetbury is Qetty Bang Bang! This shop is relatively new and is one of the best boutiques I’ve been in! It’s totally my style, even though I can’t afford most of what’s in it (one day!). That is not to say it is overpriced in fact there are loads of great finds for the smaller budget! This place is full of one off pieces, amazing vintage finds, beautiful contemporary jewellery, reworked jewellery made from lots of old vintage pieces, hats galore and some of the best fascinators I’ve ever seen. Everything is a little bit quirky and I doubt you’ll ever see anyone else wearing the same thing as you from here!

This has become my go to place to find birthday presents for someone a bit special and I also managed to pick up a few good Christmas presents from here too.Qetty Paper Dress

This is their Christmas window display, how beautiful is this! Hand made by the owner, Kerry.

qetty wall hatsA wall of hats on antlers! This is how I would like to hang my hats in my room.

qetty suitcase hatsYou’ve got a wall full of hats on antlers so what you need next is a suitcase full of fascinators. These really are the most wonderful fascinators and I think really reasonably priced considering how expensive these can be.

qetty necklaceHint! All of these on me now! It’s Christmas soon- let’s not be cheap.

qetty animalsOK, I would settle for one of these as they are super cute and note the price tag! These are perfect Christmas presents. Qetty boysDon’t feel left out boys! Check out all of the tweed and those shirts are country gent fresh!

My favourite thing about Qetty Bang Bang, besides the wonderful goodies on offer, are the way that they are presented to you. Everything has been placed to make you go “ooooh look how pretty!” Obviously a lot of care and attention has gone into making it a wonderful shopping experience for you. I also like that you don’t feel rushed when you are in there and there’s no pressure to buy (although I have never left empty handed, so be warned).

So, get out of Bristol this weekend and get yourself to Tetbury and while you’re there why not also pop in and see my Dad at the Eight Bells Gallery and pick yourself up a nice print. He’s got some Quentin Blake prints at the moment which I adore because they remind me so much of my childhood!

quentin blakeHappy Shopping! Fx


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