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What we think is just nice this week

Only 13 sleep left until the big day and with this almost arctic weather it has really started to feel like Christmas is on the way, which of course it really is! With all this festive cheer here are our Just Nice highlights for this week!

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Cloe‘s weekly highlight is…

20121212-152733.jpgMan’s (or women’s) best friend!

Recently I have spent quiet a lot of time at my parents house and my boyfriends parents house recovering from an operation. This has given me the chance to have a new kind of companion throughout the day in the form of a doggie – Toby and Holly to be precise! Toby is a rather large and very flurry Golden Retriever who lives with my mum and Holly is a beautiful and very cuddly Border-collie Labrador cross who lives at my boyfriends parents. Both have temporarily taken the place of my real best friends and have been available throughout the day for fussing and cuddles! Having a dog is ace and it really is what I miss most about living at home (sorry mum). Dogs are with us though thick and thin and are always loyal – I am certainly looking forward to being a crazy dog owner when I grow up (if I ever do decide it’s time to grow up!)

Frankie’s weekly highlight is…

As I am in full on sweatshop mode for Christmas I have been searching for some nice gifts to make people. There is so much out there it’s hard to know hand warmerswhere to start but I find that pinterest is normally the best place. While on my hunt for some fingerless glove patterns I came across these. It’s a lovely, and super easy, pattern that doesn’t require knitting in the round, which some people find a bit daunting. I think they will make a perfect present for both men and women- but, if making them for a man increase the number of stitches you cast on otherwise they will be too small. Happy Knitting.

Meg’s weekly highlight is…

Cyril Hahn – a Swiss born, Canadian based DJ/Producer who is quite honestly blowing my mind at the moment.

I first came across him when his remix of Destiny’s Child’s Say My Name (a classic in it’s own right) was featured in a Diplo & Friends mix on Radio 1xtra. I obsessed over that track for a good few months, and yesterday he uploaded a new remix of Jessie Ware’s Sweet Talk to Soundcloud, and it’s successfully becoming my new obsession.

If you like your tunes deep, housey, and with a distinctly 90’s vibe then give these a go – you’ll love it!


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