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Hidden Bristol – An app for the discerning Bristolian

iOS Simulator Screen shot 12 Nov 2012 12.14.22We got a tweet from a squirrel the other day. And not just any squirrel…a squirrel in a top hat, named Brunel.

Brunel is the mascot for Hidden Bristol; a brand new app which celebrates all of the hidden gems that Bristol has to offer. As you’ve probably already figured by now, we’ve all got a bit of a soft spot for this wonderful city, and having had a play with this free app I really, really can’t recommend it highly enough.

Hidden Bristol was devised by the clever folk at Gravitywell, who spend their days designing and building apps and websites for other people. As a bunch of proud Bristolians they decided that they wanted to do something ‘just for fun’, which showcased all of the amazing things to see, try and do in the city which are slightly off the beaten track, tucked away or generally just over looked.

The app itself looks beautiful. On first impressions I was convinced that the guys behind Hyde & Co and The Milk Thistle had branched out into app development, as the look and feel of Hidden Bristol is very reminiscent of their eccentric, turn of the century style glamour. They haven’t FYI, but I’m reliably informed that the Hidden Bristol team are big fans.

Hidden Bristol allows you to scroll through a listing of categories, including food, drinking establishments, shopping, and things to see and do, all of which include a photo, a brief description and a top tip from Brunel the squirrel, of course. You can also search for the secret locations by using the map function, create your own list of favourites and even add your own suggestions!

iOS Simulator Screen shot 12 Nov 2012 12.14.38

The featured hidden destinations range from cult favourites like Maximillion’s sandwich shop and Hyde & Co to places you’d never even look twice at, such as Argus Fish Bar in Bedminster and The Mayflower chinese above The Bear Pit. As a Bristolian who actively seeks new places to try, even I found that there were plenty of places listed on Hidden Bristol which I’d never even heard of, and I’m pretty excited about trying them!

iOS Simulator Screen shot 12 Nov 2012 12.16.06

This app is an absolute must for anyone who wants to get to know the city better, and what’s more it’s absolutely free for a limited time only! The only downside, however, is that it’s not yet available for Android, which got a “BOO” from our resident Android user, Rosie.

You can download it for iOS here and of course, follow Brunel the squirrel here for all of the latest Hidden Bristol news.


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