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Fashion and Pinterest – a match made in heaven?

Pinterest now has over 12 million users worldwide and appears to have changed the way we use and interact with the web once again. But has this change meant that fashion online has now met it’s perfect partner?

Being a huge lover and an avid user of Pinterest I would certainly like to advocate that yes, this could quite possibly be a match made in heaven. Pinterest is making fashion online more accessible, getting products seen globally and helping campaigns go viral even faster than before. Almost more importantly it is giving young designers and unknown sites a great spring board to not only show themselves off, but drive people to their site! Let me give you a real life example – My Super Easy Healthy Energy Bars post has been repinned a wonderful 3,152 times!

But that’s enough about what it does for them – what does it do for you!!! Pinterest gives you the chance to save everything that you love on to your personal boards and to explore new things like never before! If you are a visual person and love keeping up with the trends then Pinterest really is the place for you. Being a very visual person myself I can get lost for hours purely admiring and exploring a whole range of captivating new fashions. It has given me the opportunity to find amazing new designers I had never heard off, seen some beautiful fashion photography and most importantly pinch some amazing outfit ideas!

It’s super easy to use and defiantly isn’t limited to just fashion! It provides a great place to store and find new recipes, fitness tips, art and some jolly good DIY tips! Overall Pinterest has given fashion yet another brilliant spring board to been seen and enjoyed by the masses – I thought to get you all going I would share some of my favourite Pinterest people and fashion Pinterest finds!

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Louboutin Neon Pigalle Pumps

Embellished Collar DIY…

Breakfast at yurmans – tumblr

Be Vintage

Romeo Revolver Necklace

bracelets & watches

We Are Handsome

Chanel Opens Little Black Jacket Exhibition

(All the pictures on this post are from my Pinterest)


One comment on “Fashion and Pinterest – a match made in heaven?

  1. robynellis
    December 5, 2012

    Reblogged this on Robyn’s Dresses and commented:
    I was introduced to Pinterest by one of my brides over a year ago. I was sceptical and hesitant at first but then the flood gates opened and I became a pin addict, trying to pursued everyone around me that this was the best thing since sliced bread!
    I learnt that it’s not for everyone (my husband being the only person i’ve not managed to sway – although I feel this is a direct result of me not taking to many of his “suggestions” rather than him not actually liking it) but most people will find a use for it, whether it be collecting recipes, looking for different fitness regimes or pinning numerous pictures of outrageous makeup ideas.
    I’m re-blogging this by Cloe Grimsey from the It’s Just Nice Girls because I still feel the need to spread the word of Pinterest especially to the Fashion lovers out there. If i’d only had this when i was at uni… sigh!

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