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The Friday Chair Dancer

The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray! The sun has got his hat on and its only bloody Friday! And being Friday it can surely by now only mean one thing… it’s time for you all to enjoy our Friday Chair Dancing tunes of the week!

If you have found an awesome chair dancing track this week then let us know by tweeting @Its_Just_Nice or commenting on our Facebook page!#FridayChairDancing


This week Cloe’s chair dancing to:

The an awesomely mix tune by DJ BL3ND.

If you love a bit of grime and some dirty beats then you should love this track and if you haven’t checked out his stuff I fully recommend it. His long mixes are always a house party pleaser and as you can see from the track below he knows when to drop just at the right moment! This mix is one of his best and don’t be fooled by it’s soft start! I must also warn you it does contain bad language and can get very heavy at times! Enjoy!

(Also on his soundcloud the mix after this one is AMAZING and what makes it even better is that it starts with Daft Punk!)

This week Meg’s chair dancing to:

This bloody excellent remix of Gold Dust by DJ Fresh.

I’ve always loved this track as I have a secret soft spot for Ms Dynamite (that’s not too shameful, right?) but this remix is so good that I *think* I might prefer it!

One of my friends listened to this and said it sounds like this version is the original, and the DJ Fresh Drum ‘n’ Bass version is actually the remixed version and I think that sums it up perfectly.

It’s way more chilled out than my usual choices, but seeing as I have a very chilled out weekend planned this can be my soundtrack when I’m behaving rather than raving!


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