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What we think is just nice this week!

Rain rain go away, come again another day! So… we have seen some Armageddon type weather in Bristol over the past few days. I’m talking about the mental downpours, gale like winds and leaves just everywhere, as I am sure we have all seen. So while we are all trying to do our best at hibernating inside why don’t you enjoy the time and check out what we are finding just nice this week!

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Meg’s It’s Just Nice highlight of the week is…

Christmas baking!

Yes, I know it’s a bit early but I just can’t hold off any longer. It’s officially time for some serious Christmas baking.

As you might already know, I’m going to enter The Great British Bake Off next year, so I’ve been ‘in training’ for a few weeks now. I’ve been working my way through my baking repertoire, trying to brush up on my bread and get my danishes down, and it’s now time to start getting seasonal!

I made my first batch of  Mince Pies last night, which were a resounding success in the office and got polished off before I could take a photo (and Instagram them, of course!) but here’s a snap of my biggest triumph so far – Pain Au Raisin.

Brace yourself for more Christmas baking, as I’m aaaaaaall over it!

Frankie’s It’s Just Nice highlight of the week is…

St Nick’s Market! This isn’t a Bristol secret we all know and love him!  But, I want to give the market an extra special shout out today as the company I work for is moving from Baldwin street (right by the market) to the Triangle (Boo). Not that there’s anything wrong with the triangle especially (apart from the choice of two hills I get to walk up in the morning).

There is so much good stuff in the market I couldn’t list them all but a lot of love has to go to: Sausage man (not sure that’s the stall’s actual name, but that’s what we call him), Fill a Pitta (best falafel ever), Pieminster (making Bristol proud), The weekly food market (and you’re wonderfully smelly fish stand), Vintage man (who now has a shop called The Urban Fox) and all the other lovely stalls that make St Nick’s such a wonderful part of Bristol. I’m going to miss my lunch time stroll through you.

Cloe’s It’s Just Nice highlight of the week is…

Getting a little surprise present!

I think this is a fairy obvious just nice, but recently I have been suffering with some winter blues and on Monday night my boyfriend came over with a beautiful bunch of flowers and The Lord of the Rings trilogy box set! It was such a lovely surprise and it did indeed cheer me up a treat. This random(ish) act of kindness did me the world of good and made me feel very lucky. It also got me thinking that by taking the time to to surprise our loved ones really is just nice! Even the smallest gesture really can make a difference to someones day!


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