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The Friday Chair Dancer

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that you all enjoy today’s chair dancers and that they get you in the mood to make some shapes at your desks!


This week Meg’s chair dancing to:

I’ve spent a lot of this week thinking about what I’m going to play in my set for All Aboard with Duchess, the boat party that Frankie and I are hosting at the beginning of December.

As a result I’ve been trawling back through my favourited tracks on SoundCloud and I came across this old Blow Your Head mix by Diplo.

Yes, it’s no secret that I love Diplo, but obsession aside, this mix was one of the things that made me actually decide to go ahead and learn to DJ, rather than talk about it as I’d been doing for ages.

In my opinion it’s Diplo at his best – enjoy!

This week Cloe’s chair dancing to:

An awesome Avicii mix!

On my hunt last week for music, (I was searching for some good NERVO tracks) I came across this little house beauty on YouTube – don’t you just love it when you find an awesome mix, especially when it’s a great mix of a classic! But today I shall keep this short and sweet – I hope that you all enjoy my chair dancer on this extremely grey day and have a good one!

This week Frankie’s chair dancing to:

Like Meg, I’ve been thinking of songs I want to play at our boat party and I’ve been trawling the internet for new music. This little number actually popped in my news feed today, on Soundcloud, and to start with I wasn’t really that bothered. Trust me, keep with it, because at just under 2 minutes it kicks off. This track is a great fusion of moombahton and electro house- which will make it a great crossover from Meg to me.  She’ll get you grinding with her dirty dirty moombah and then I’ll slap some bass in your face with some nasty electro house. Oh, it’s a remix by Overwork of  by J. Cole’s “Werk Out”.


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