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What we think is just nice this week!

Hold the phone everyone – today is a very special day! Yes, it’s Wednesday, and yes, it’s only 41 days until Christmas but more importantly than that…it’s Frankie’s birthday!

So in honour of the birthday girl herself, we dedicate this week’s highlights to our favourite cider drinking, headscarf loving member of the dream team – happy birthday Franks!!

Frankie’s It’s Just Nice highlight of the week is…

Well, I’ve got a rather big smile on my face. I wasn’t really looking forward to this birthday (18, if 30 is the new 20) which is unusual for me as I normally make a really big deal out of them! I’m not old- but also I feel too young to be 28, I mean 18. But, luckily for me I have wonderful friends and family to spoil me. So, my just nice highlight of the week is where I am going for my birthday meal tonight.

My family are real foodies, we can’t get enough of it, and my parents are amazing cooks. I mean AMAZING! My mum makes her own scotch eggs for goodness sake (and she’s a feeder- score) and my dad is amazing with curries and anything pan Asian. A few years back now, not sure who discovered it, but we started eating at Teohs – which is an amazing pan Asian restaurant in Bristol run by Mr Teoh himself.

There are two restaurants in Bristol, one is St Pauls (just off the front line near the M32) and one on North street Southville. They are both great but Southville is larger (I actually prefer St Pauls as it’s more cosy). The food from Teoh’s is simple, fresh, authentic and good value. If you have not tried this little Bristol gem yet, do so soon. They also have a shop where you can buy their pastes and things and they run a cookery school (which my dad took, which might be why we started eating there?).

Cloe’s It’s Just Nice highlight of the week is…

Star Wars!

Yes I know I am about 35 years late to jump on this band wagon but this week I decided now was the time to dedicate some time and watch all 6 Star Wars films. All I can say is – where have you been all my life! I absolutely loved it! I would recommend to anyone you must watch/re-watch them in all there glory and of course start with A New Hope and working your way though them in there wonderful order they where released. I finished Revenge of the Sith last night and all I speak like is Yoda, I do (it catches on, it does)! So with dark nights in full throttle get cosy and get back in Star Wars!

Meg’s It’s Just Nice highlight of the week is…

Winter weddings (and buying sparkly frocks for them!)

Last year, three of my friends got engaged in the space of a week. For someone who still feels 18 years old this blew my mind a little bit (although I was chuffed to bits for all of them) but it did mean one thing…in due course there were going to be weddings, and lots of them!

I love weddings, and I particularly love a winter wedding. They’re always super romantic, and for some reason it feels like you can get away with going a little more overboard on the glitz and glamour – both wedding décor wise and outfit wise!

I’m going to the first of the three weddings I mentioned this weekend, and I bought this beauty from River Island to wear. Normally I’d be worried that it might be a bit to sparkly for a wedding, but after consulting Frankie we decided that anything goes for a winter wedding!


One comment on “What we think is just nice this week!

  1. Henry Osadzinski (@Hen_Dubz)
    November 14, 2012

    Totally using this to recommend any newbie Star Wars fans to introduce themselves to the movies in “Machete order” – It cuts out the worst movie (Episode I) and maximises all of the twists and surprises. Total win-win!

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