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The Friday Chair Dancer

Boom, Boom, Boom! It’s Friday y’all and you know what that means?! It means it’s time to get your Friday chair dance on! Turn the disco ball on, get the vodka in the freezer, and lock up your sons because this is what we’re chair dancing to this Friday.

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This week Frankie’s chair dancing to…

Hold onto your seats people- this is a stinker! This week I have been pulling some seriously horrendous faces and fist pumping the air to a remix by Zeds Dead of The Prodigy’s Breath with me. The original is one of my favourites anyway but this is taking it to a whole new level. It is utterly filthy and I am definitely playing it at All Aboard With Duchess so you can come and get your dirty, dirty dance on- if you’re coming of course (you’re coming though, right?).

This week Cloe’s chair dancing to…

More house music! I just bloody love it basically! The track is This Kind Of Love (Club Mix) Master mixed by a London DJ.

I was having a little search on soundcloud to try and hunt for some NERVO tracks and I came across this little electro house gem of one of their songs! This track has a big club vibe and would fit stright into the Ibiza sense – it’s probably clear why I chose it now! Get ready for the drop at about 3:40 because it’s going to get you in the Friday chair dancing mindset! Have a great weekend everyone and remember to be awesome!

This week Meg’s chair dancing to…

Man, I really struggled with this week’s selection! In comparison to last week where it was a case of “OMG I’ve heard so much good music I can’t possibly choose”, this week has been pretty dry!

I’ve had a search back through my Soundcloud favourites and stumbled across this remix of M.I.A’s  Bad Girls. I’ve listened to this so much, and keep coming back to it, so it’s definitely worth a mention.

Musically, I love everything M.I.A does, despite her having the bizarre ability to come across as a bit of a tit in every interview I’ve ever seen her do. This remix definitely takes an already brilliant track up a notch – it’s all stompy, nasty, bassy goodness!


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