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What we think is just nice this week!

I don’t know about everyone else, but it seems to have taken forever to get to Wednesday this week!

It feels like everyone just can’t be bothered, and we’ve only just about managed to crawl to the midweek point. But don’t panic people – past midday today it’s the home straight and we’re on our way to the weekend! WOOHOO!

Here’s a selection of what’s got us through this painful, painful week so far. As always, feel free to share the things that have been making you smile this week with us on Facebook and Twitter.


Cloe’s It’s Just Nice highlight of the week is…

Is starting the Christmas shopping early!

This may sound either a) extremely organised or b) a bit sad that I am planning already… However let me explain my normal Christmas shopping habits – they usually consist of me running around a shopping centre on Christmas Eve trying to remember who needs a present for tomorrow! Those who aren’t there on Christmas Day or who are simply forgotten get brought their gifts in the January sales. The draw backs to this are doing all your shopping on Christmas Eve means blind panic buying and spending your January pay check too soon. This year I have got organised and started early! The logic is obvious and also all of the shops are in sale so I am finally doing the sensible thing and cracking Christmas early – it’s just nice! (It’s a naff picture but made me smile!)

Rosie’s It’s Just Nice highlight of the week is…

LIMES. Can’t get enough of them – in sweet and savoury things. Oh and drinks, they make lemonade the best thing ever. Not exciting I know – but no scurvy for me!

Meg’s It’s Just Nice highlight of the week is…

Working in events, my weeks are generally full of email marketing, managing delegate lists and dealing with venues, but this week has been a little different, as I’ve been planning my first ever event of my own!

As you’ll probably know by now, Frankie and I DJ together as Duchess, and after months of talking about it we’ve finally gone ahead and done it – we’re hosting our very own night!

On Saturday 1st December we’ll be setting sail on The Bristol Flower for All aboard with Duchess; a three hour boat tour from Bristol harbour up to Bath and back which include lots of booze, dancing and music from ourselves and our special guest DJ Andy Kisaragi.

We’ve already sold a quarter of the tickets, but if you want to join the crew you can buy yours here.

Hopefully this’ll be the start of something good, and will the first of many Duchess hosted events!

Frankie’s It’s Just Nice highlight of the week is…

Obviously, like Meg, I’m very excited about All Aboard with Duchess this week, it’s pretty much all I can think about at the moment! But I have also found this site called The Fancy It’s a bit like Pinterest, so I can build a catalogue of things that I like, but every image has a link to somewhere I can buy the item (or something similar if what you’ve clicked on is not for sale). I sometimes get annoyed with Pinterest that the photo links back to a tumblr blog, or something like that, with no way for me to purchase (not always a bad thing to be fair, as I am skint). The Fancy has actually been knocking about for a little while now, but I’ve only just caught onto it. I need to do a bit more digging to see if it’s actually any good but I think if you sell anything on-line then this site is definitely worth taking a look at! Plus, there is some really nice stuff on there!


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