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The Friday Chair Dancer

Oh hello November, my favourite month of the year. You get a bad rep at times, you’re cold, it rains a lot during you, you’re dark all of the time, people start banging on about Christmas during you and it’s just too soon! So, why are you my favourite? Well, the trees look super pretty this time of  year, when it’s not raining your days are bright and crisp and most importantly my birthday falls within you!

OK, so November can be a bit crap. Halloween is over and Christmas is too far away to get excited about (Please leave the mince pies alone until the 1st of December!) and I’m sure I’m the only person that is cheered up by the fact that it’s my birthday soon. So, let’s say “Up yours November!” Push back your chair, stand on it proudly (careful if it’s a spinny office chair, draw your disco guns, engage the bass face and get your DANCE ON! Don’t worry about who’s around you, if they’re cool they’re join in too.


This Week Meg’s Chair Dancing to...

I really struggled to make a decision on my chair dancer this week, as like Franks, I’ve heard so much that I’ve really loved this week.

I’ve settled on this remix from Baauer, who in my opinion, are currently leading the trap music revolution which seems to be bubbling away at the moment. If you haven’t heard it yet, listen to their track Harlem Shake – it’s downright nasty – in a good way.

I love anything in a minor key, and this is seriously dark and menacing. It makes me pull the most ridiculous bass face, so I must look like a right tit sat here pouting away at my desk…oh well!!

This Week Cloe’s Chair Dancing to….

This week I have not ventured too far from the music that I really do love. I have chosen this ace Disco House mix from the people at House of Disco! This is a great little chair dancer with plenty of soul and some awesome house beats throughout! It has that Ibiza vibe that I often crave and reminds me of dancing at DoJo’s in the small hours. I hope you get your groove onto this little gem of a track and welcome in the weekend!

This Week Frankie’s Chair Dancing to…

It’s been a good week for music for me, I’ve just been loving everything that I’ve heard, so it was a really tough choice. But, I am going to have to go with a remix (shock) by Cyril Hahn of Say My Name by Destiny’s Child. I heard this song while listening to Diplo’s latest mix for BBC 1extra (Halloween special– it’s ever so good) and he did this amazing mix from this song into Julio Bashmore’s  Au Seve. The songs worked so well together that I had to listen to it over and over!  I then had to find out who the hell did this amazing remix and trusty old Soundcloud gave me the goods- plus it’s a free download.

This song is just so haunting but it’s got an amazing beat that’s got me winding in my seat every time I play it. Which is a lot. Enjoy.  (I know I’m only meant to have one choice but I almost went with this:  Solidisco – Turn Around It’s probably the most fun nu disco track I’ve ever heard, perfect for the Friday night warm up.)


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2 comments on “The Friday Chair Dancer

  1. andykisaragi (@andykisaragi)
    November 6, 2012

    i’m still bumping that solidisco tune daily franks, amazing find

  2. Frankie
    November 7, 2012

    Thanks Andy. It’s so good isn’t it! I can’t help but jump around every time I hear it. 🙂

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