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What we think is just nice this Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope that you all have your scary masks, witches brooms and buckets ready for an evening of trick or treating! Maybe not as it is probably mildly inappropriate for a 25 year old to knock on stranger’s doors dressed up and asking for sweets… But anyway let’s get back to today, we have creaked open the scary cupboard door, reached though the cobwebs and pulled out just nice treats for you all!

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This week Cloe’s It’s Just Nice highlight is:

Watching Interview with a Vampire!

Rediscovering an old film can be a very special thing and in the spirit of Halloween we decided to watch this classic over the weekend. All I really need to say is that it was ace! There are so many famous faces in there with Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Kirsten Dunst looking so much younger and so much less Hollywood! It’s captivating from the start and it’s intensity builds throughout. If you haven’t watched it in a while, and with Halloween midweek, it’s the prefect excuses to stay in the warm and eat lots of Halloween treats!

This week Frankie’s It’s Just Nice highlight is:

The Walking Dead – If you have not seen this yet where have you been? Yes, I do have a particular love of zombie films – but this is so much more. Sure, there are a lot of zombies involved in this show, but what it is really about is human survival and the struggle to create some normality in the post apocalyptic world. There’s also tons of scenes of  Zombies getting their faces blown off,  just for good measure.

Bonus – it stars Andrew Lincoln, from teachers, who is mighty fine to look at. He’s playing an American and I think his accent is pretty good – but Americans you may disagree (although you do think that Jason Statham can do an American accent, what is up with that?).

It’s now on it’s 3rd series, so if it’s new to you – lucky you, you have loads to enjoy! The first episode aired on Channel 5 and they played the whole episode with no ad breaks – which was great as you needed to feel the tension with no distractions. I remember thinking, I haven’t heard a sound in ages but I just know a zombie is coming at some point.

This week Meg’s It’s Just Nice highlight is:

Cuckoo on BBC3.

My Mum phoned me the other week extremely over excited about a programme she’d watched which, in her own words, was “the funniest thing I’ve ever seen”.  Now my Mum will laugh out loud at a lot of things on telly, so it was with some trepidation that I searched for Cuckoo on BBC iPlayer. However,  Mum – hands up – you were right! Cuckoo, on BBC3, is possibly one of the funniest sit coms I’ve ever watched.

Of course it helps that two of the main characters are played by two of my favourite comedy actors. Ken – the long suffering father is played by Greg Davies (0f Inbetweeners/extreme giant fame) and Cuckoo, the hippy, jacket potato pushing son in law is played by none other than American comic Andy Samberg, who’s a regular on Saturday Night Live and is one third of The Lonely Island.

I won’t divulge too much about the storyline but it’s seriously worth a watch if you’re even remotely entertained by the thought of Greg Davies dressed up as Dexys Midnight Runners, on MDMA.


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