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What we think is just nice this week!

This October has felt like a pretty uninspiring month so far. Autumn is sort of happening, winter is closing in and Halloween is just a week away now! This means that our just nice highlight’s are here once again to hopefully brighten up your week and give this grey weather a little sprinkling of light!

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This week Frankie’s It’s Just Nice highlight is:

The zombie walk! OK, it’s not really nice, but it is lot’s of fun and a real demonstration of wonderful Bristol and all the people that live within her who are totally prepared to get dressed up as a zombie and zombie their way through town. I’ve been doing the zombie walk for the past few years now although I did miss last year due to other zombie commitments, eating brains etc. I can tell you, there’s something pretty spectacular about watching thousands of people walking the streets as zombies – all in character, all looking terrifying. It can get a little rowdy so if you have kids, or you’re a scardy cat, then I would stay away from the centre this coming Saturday. The walk usually starts behind the council building, near park street, and goes through town and up Gloucester rd. There’s a facebook group where you can keep an eye on the exact details, they may have changed how they run it this year as they had some bother with some rebel zombies that wanted to use the walk to cause a bit of mischief, so I think they are stroking the council pretty heavily to keep the zombie walk alive, or should that be un-dead? And remember, if you’re not a zombie cardio, shoot first, Double Tap. If you’re a zombie “BRAAAIIIINNNNNSSSS”.

This week Cloe’s It’s Just Nice highlight is:


These have basically become my new favorite biscuit things ever! I have been slightly off the radar recently due to my little stint in hospital and I was brought these as a tasty treat and a get well soon gift. Since tasting my first stick I have been utterly obsessed with them and currently eating at least box a day! I think my favorite might be Daim Bar flavor!

This week Meg’s It’s Just Nice highlight is:

Monsta – the latest release from Dillon Francis, who’s one of the latest additions to the Mad Decent family.

Dillon Francis was signed to the Mad Decent label (Diplo’s label – did I mention how much I love Diplo?) after he sent them a demo tape every single day for three months solid! How’s that for perseverance?!

This track has been remixed by Kill Paris (who are also bloody awesome – check them out) but that means Dillon Francis’ signature Moombahton sound has been treated to a big old dose of funk, and this works for me.

In fact, it’s so good that Frankie and I are now in cahoots as to who gets to use in our set for the gig we’re playing this weekend!


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