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The Friday Chair Dancer!

It’s Friday again and it’s time to get your party feet on. An old friend, who looks like a ginger sparra, is visiting us today and a big gang of us are going to Bedmo Disco at the Big Chill- so it’s going to be a good’un! We’re going to dance, we’re going to laugh, I’m sure at some point some of us will cry, the running man is going to be thrown, and too much cider will be consumed.

So, put them headphones on, turn them up to 11 and get your Friday chair dance on!

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This week Rosie’s listening to…

Godspeed You! Black Emperor of course. Partly because I listen to them basically constantly and partly because they announced their new album this week. It’s big news because their last album was 10 years ago AND because it’s out in like 10 days. But – bare with me – my chair dancer isn’t Godspeed technically. Because I realise 20+ minutes of (glorious) instrumental is a bit of an acquired taste. So here is Bruce Cawdron (of Godspeed) with another band Esmerine.

I am using this as a gateway drug to convince you all of Godspeed’s brilliance. Listen to my actual chairdancer here.

This week Meg’s listening to…

Kat Krazy – See The Sun (Big Time) Ft Susie Ledge.

When this first popped up in my Soundcloud stream I very nearly turned it off, as the opening vocal has all the signs of a big room club tune, all wanky female vocals and build up that never quite gets there.

However, when it drops at 1.00 it’s all change – think Madeon meets Krafty Kuts. Granted, the vocal is still a bit wet, but it’s all worth it for a big dose of funky synth and a bass face worthy drop.


This week Cloe’s listening to…

A good old bit of house music from Bit Funk.

I love this tune because it’s so soulful and takes me totally into another world. In this world I am sat in the sunshine on a terrace, sipping a cocktail and getting ready for the night ahead. Its soft housey beats and warm vocals are my ideal for a Friday chair dancing tune. You might not be jumping up and down but I bet it’s got your toe tapping!

This week Frankie’s listening to…

This remix from Joe Goddard of  Jessie Ware’s  “Night Light”. I’ve got a bit of a crush on Jessie Ware’s voice and I love anything that Joe Goddard produces. His own stuff his amazing (Gabriel of particular note), the Two Bears have got me strutting some funky moves, and Hot Chip are still the best act I have ever seen live. This track is a little bit disco, it’s got that synth sound that makes me tickle all over, and the bass line is deep. Boom, put me on a swizzle chair and watch me go!

Have a great weekend!


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