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What we think is just nice this week!

This week there has certainly been a lot of doom and gloom on every front page… Winter is also making a comeback in the style of lots and wind and rain (apart from today where the sunshine has sneaked out)! This is where we like to jump in and tell you all what we are finding just nice this week! You may spot a little theme appearing!

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This week Meg’s It’s Just Nice highlight is:

Embellishment!! I don’t care if it’s studs, jewels or fringing – if it’s embellished then I’m in!

This season’s fashions have gone hard on the studs, which I’m all over, but what I’m really loving is the latest take on the Baroque theme. Think embroidery, jewels and lots and lots of gold detailing. McQueen and Balmain have been championing this particular look, so it’s no surprise that it’s suitably dramatic.

Anyone who knows me will know that I have absolutely no grasp on the ‘less in more’ concept, so this OTT fashion is right up my street!

Is it bad that I’m already dreaming of a black and gold embellished cocktail dress for this year’s Christmas party?

This week Frankie’s It’s Just Nice highlight is:

My new tweed trench coat! The picture I have really doesn’t do this beast justice. It’s a heavy tweed trench coat and the tailoring on it is just lush! It’s in the proper old military style and is the perfect length for this Autumn/Winter (below my knees, mid calves). And the best thing about it? My mum found it in a charity shop for £20! The material alone is worth more than that! I do love a charity shop bargain and my mum has a particular eye for spotting absolute gems. This is the 3rd or 4th coat I’ve had from her now from the local charity shop (let’s not dwell on the subject of why I need so many coats, they absolutely do not get lost). I wish I had it on right now, but I’m sat in an office, I would look ridiculous, unless the heating was to somehow mysteriously break……..

This week Cloe’s It’s Just Nice highlight is:

Zara’s new collection!

Zara is my new high street crush and I have found myself looking on their site everyday just to tease myself with their super stylish and effortlessly cool collection this year. I was lucky enough to be bought a beautiful winter coat from there for my birthday and it’s just divine! They cater for all and really do hit the nail on the head for the effortlessly cool look. My top pick and hopefully next purchase will be this lush fitted white dress (pictured) with embellished sleeves – Meg I am thinking of you! I must also say take a look at the shoes – they are to die for!

So I recommend to all the girls and guys out there pop your nose in and prepare to get your credit card out!


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