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The iPhone 5 – what it’s really like to use…

I have recently upgraded to an iPhone 5 and I wanted to share with you what it’s really like from a non techie point of view.

I make no secret about the fact that I can sometimes be a little technically challenged… I once couldn’t get my computer to print so I called IT and they explained that I was trying to get it to fax, not print. Doh! However on the whole I am ok with the basic’s. I currently own an old MacBook and have already had a iPhone 3 and 4. This should give you a better scale on my skills and my love for all things Apple!

This is why I decided that at the time of my upgrade I should stick to what I know and jump feet first onto the iPhone 5 bandwagon! Also I am probably a bit of a poser – this is exactly why I have a jazzy hot pink cover! Boom!

So lets start from the beginning. Opening up an Apple product is a pure joy! The smooth almost silky white box, the slightly softened edges and the way it all effortless fits together makes opening this product a very special occasion. Which in turn makes you handle your new purchase like it is a diamond ring or a new born baby!

As mentioned above I had an old iPhone 4 which I was going to transfer all my data from. I’ve had that phone for about two years so it needed a bit of a sort out and a general life admin tidy up. Once all cleansed, I synced it up with iTunes in preparation to transfer everything over to my beautiful new phone. However like all good things it’s not that simple…

After plugging my new phone in an error message popped up on my screen – you need iTunes 7 to use this device. please visit to download – So, as you do, I downloaded iTunes 7. It ended up taking about half an hour to get there and plenty of huffing and puffing from me. Once completed I tried to open my lovely new download for my lovely new phone… Another error message – your system does not support iTunes 7 – wonderful.

After a little web searching it appears that I am not the only one having these issues with an older MacBook… And the solution is Apple wants me to pay for an upgraded software package for my laptop so I can have the privilege of using my iTunes with my new phone. In order to use this new software I will need to back everything up using an external hard drive, which sadly is a luxury that I can’t afford right now!

This is not a good side to this product and something that I have never seen mentioned. I would strongly recommend that before purchase please check that you can download and use iTunes 7 successfully or you will end up a little stuck like I did.

Apple’s slight saving grace here is the iCloud. I backed everything up in the iCloud then transferred it over to my new phone. This got it up and running, however without connectivity to iTunes I can’t put on any of my music etc onto my new phone. This is a major product flaw in my option.

So what are my thoughts on the phone itself… Overall I think that it’s a great little product and does still carry a kind of charm with it.

The handset itself is much lighter than the previous iPhones. This is a good improvement, however can slightly give you the impression that it’s a toy phone. Another very important point is that the screen is bigger and brighter. I wasn’t sure on the new screen size to start with, but after using it for a few hours you can see why they have made the improvement – it certainly makes it more user friendly.

A feature that I do love is Siri! Now I know that this has been around for a little while but in the iPhone 5 they seemed to have got it right. Siri is awesome and is fast becoming my new best friend! The best way to get used to talking to your phone is just practising. I say let’s all become lazy and just use voice recognition – for everything! Siri is there to be used and really is a very clever little tool.

So my overall view on the upgrade… It’s just nice! I am very pleased with the new phone on its own. It’s a stylish and sleek product that is easy and practical to use. However the underlying issue with iTunes and the fact that I haven’t been able to sync has left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth.

My advice – go for it! Get yourself a lush new phone, but do check your iTunes first and don’t get stuck like I have!



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