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What we think is just nice this week!

So I have returned from my travels and arrived back into winter… The chill in the air is certainly sticking but the sun has got its hat on today so we wanted to share our it’s just nicers of the week with you!

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Cloe’s It’s Just Nice highlight of the week is:

My brand new sunglasses!

This is a slightly indulgent just nice of the week however when I was away my boyfriend decided to buy me a little extra birthday present – a beautiful pair of Ray Ban Aviators with gold rip and tinted blue lens. Since then I have hardly been able to take them off because they just seem to go with everything (and I might perhaps be a little bit of a poser, but shhhh). It has made me really appreciate why having a classic pair of sunglasses is really a must have accessory, even if you didn’t know you needed them and why I believe that every girl should have a classic and beautiful pair of sunnies!

Bring on the winter sun so I can continue showing off my new babies!

Frankie’s It’s Just Nice highlight of the week is:

The new make-up range from Lush! Well, actually I’m loving everything about Lush this week, but if I had to pick one thing it would be that.

I’ve actually avoided going into Lush for a little while because all the smells in there give me a headache- don’t get me wrong, I love them all individually, but mix them up and my body just can’t handle the sensory overload! Anyway, I walk in (to get a nice bath time treat) and I’m greeted by a super friendly member of staff (they are very good in there, helpful but not pushy) and she asks me if I’d like to see their new make-up range (the highest pigment on the hight street, so I’m told). I’ve got some time to kill so I say yes, also the colours look amazing and I’m being drawn in by a little pot of gold I like the look of.

The idea behind their new make-up range is all about your emotions and how you’re feeling can dictate what make-up you want to wear (or should wear maybe?). So, there’s this wheel of colours and she starts spinning it (I have not suddenly walked into a game show- honest) she tells me to focus in the middle of the circle and when she stops it I have to point out three colours that have attracted my attention. So she stops it and I pick the three colours that stood out to me. She then tells me what colours I have picked and how these are meant to represent the mood that I’m in.

So I pick:

My strength or weakness– Charm- well, I can be rather charming when I need to be.

My Subconscious– feeling secure- apparently I need a hug!

My Aspiration– Control- no surprise here, I am a complete control freak.

To be honest, I wouldn’t pick any of the colours I chose from the wheel to actually wear, but it’s a bit of fun! And you never know, you may end up trying a colour you never thought would work but actually looks amazing! Also, if you can’t get into town, they have an on-line version!


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