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What we think is just nice this week!

As Brisfest gets closer and closer (it’s this weekend *squeal*) I think it’s fair to say that all of us here, as well as pretty much everyone else we know, is getting pretty bloody excited! What’s more, there’s a theme, and if there’s one thing we love more than a festival, it’s a fancy dress festival!

The theme this year is Animal Ball, so we’re going all out with feathers, animal print and glitter, which in all honesty is fairly standard festival garb for us, but we’re pretty excited about it nonetheless.

So Brisfest excitement aside – here’s what else has been getting us going this week. As always, share what’s been making you smile this week by sharing with us on Twitter or Facebook.

Meg’s It’s Just Nice highlight of the week is:

This is a bit of a selfish one I’m afraid everyone, so brace yourselves, but my highlight this week has been finally managing to get my first ever live mix recorded and posted on SoundCloud!

This was the first half of the mix that Franks and I played when we did our first ever DJ gig a few weeks ago, and I’m proud to say it got the dance floor going (that could have had more to do with my rather drunken boyfriend throwing himself around at the front, but hey, whatever). If you’ve liked any of my Friday chair dancers recently then give this a listen – you might just like it!

Frankie’s It’s Just Nice highlight of the week is:

It’s a song this week. I literally can not stop playing Mario Basanov’s vocal remake of Tyson’s “Mr Rain”. Everything about this song is perfect to me. The vocals are stunning- not just in tone but lyrically as well (they make me all emotional and shit). I love the deep bassline, the synthy cords and general groove that has made me listen to it on repeat for the last few days.

Trust me, one listen and you’ll be hooked or I’ll eat my Brisfest costume (I’m going as a bird, so they’ll be lots of feathers).

Rosie’s It’s Just Nice highlight of the week is:

…also music related strangely! This week I’ve been enjoying You’ve probably seen the auto tweets kicking about the last month or so and ignored them (or been enraged “I don’t CARE what your jam is journalist I happen to be following”) but actually now a fair few people I actually *know* are using it, it’s a nice way to check out what your friends are enjoying. And show them what you love at the moment without having to gush at them and try and make them listen as you play clips on your phone in the pub. Plus to be honest it’s very pretty and I’m a sucker for a neat web-based concept. Plus you don’t have to post to twitter if you don’t want to 😛


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