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The Friday Chair Dancer

It’s only bloody Friday everybody, and I don’t know about everyone else, but this week seems to have flown by (which is always nice!).

So without further ado lets all get our weekend hype on and do what we do best…ready…set… FRIDAY CHAIR DANCE!!

This week Meg’s been chair dancing to:

This absolute monster of a remix by Stanton Warriors. Our great mate @sirjamesob has just come back from Burning man Festival, and has been making us all very jealous with his stories. Not that we mind though, as we’re all going to go next year, and seeing as Stanton Warriors were his highlight (he hasn’t stopped banging on about it!) I’ve now got this track well and truly ingrained in my brain, which ain’t no bad thing!

I’ve listened to it everywhere –  in the shower, in the car, and I’m currently chair dancing to it as I type, and it sounds massive – imagine what it must have been like in the middle of the dessert with 60,000 other people!

This week Cloe’s been chair dancing to:

A little bit of Sister Sledge! I am taking it old OLD school with this really lovely DB Sound mix of the Sister Sledge classic – Thinking of you! I have always been a fan of a little bit of funk and this song just transports me back to Ibiza dancing on the yacht covered in glitter! I hope with Autumn settling in it gives you a chance to be taken back to the summer too!

This week Frankie’s been chair dancing to:

I literally haven’t stopped chair dancing this week! My ears have been absolutely blessed with music, so I am finding it very hard to pick just one track. However, an artists was suggested to me recently who I am absolutely in LOVE with! He’s called Moon Boots and the track that I’ve had on repeat all morning is “Running From” feat Violetness.

I challenge you not to get completely caught up in this song! Definitely playing this during the next Duchess set.

This week Rosie’s been chair dancing to:

I’ve been remembering all those tracks I’d forgotten by Jeffrey Lewis after seeing him last week at The Fleece. Though I think Anxiety Attack will always be my favourite – what with being massively neurotic.


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