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What we think is just nice this week!

We maybe a day late with our just nice round up, but we have had a fun filled week full of cocktails! And who can disagree that cocktails aren’t a wonderful thing! So without any further delays here is our just nicers of this week!

This week Meg’s It’s Just Nice highlight is:

2.8 hours later!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with 2.8 hours later, picture this…

The zombie apocalypse has happened, and you and your friends have to survive a journey across central Bristol without being gored by the walking dead who are perusing the city streets. Your route will take you through St Nick’s Market, The Galleries, and several other local landmarks, until you reach your destination and you can celebrate with fellow survivors at ‘The Zombie Disco’! Obviously, all of this is just a game, but nonetheless we’ll be taking it pretty seriously when we play tomorrow night, and I can’t wait!

If you’re out and about in town over the weekend keep an eye out for Zombies – the city’s going to be crawling with them!

This week Cloe’s It’s Just Nice highlight is:

Flat shoes at ALDO!

Now I have never been a ballet pump, flat shoe kinda girl. I usually favour booties, some sort of heel or high top trainers at all times. However due to my spinal injury this luxury has been off the cards… This has set me the mini personal challenge of actually finding a decent pair of flats… A mission not for the faint hearted! After a recommendation I went onto the ALDO website where I was pleasantly surprised at their ace range of flats! My personal favourite are these gorgeous studded slippers which are bang on trend for the new season – mission accomplished!

This week Frankie’s It’s Just Nice highlight is:

GIN! My head has been all about cocktails this week as I’ve been getting pretty excited about going to Cocktails in the City and it’s made me crave my favourite of all the spirits. I’m not allowed to drink too much gin because it really is mother’s ruin for me as it makes me cry and not a little sob, full on wailing. For me, the very best gin is Hendricks. It’s infused with juniper but also has flavouring from cucumber and rose, and it is just delightful. I like it served in a tall glass, with fever tree tonic, slices of cucumber and lots of ice. Hand me that on a summers day and I’ll probably love you forever.

The whole style that Hendricks kicks out is also brilliant! I went to a festival where they had a Hendricks tent to promote it- It was basically just loads of gents, with moustaches, riding penny farthings, while drinking gin out of a tea cup!



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