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Win a pair of tickets to Cocktails in the City!

We love cocktails, maybe a little bit too much, and Bristol has some amazing cocktail bars on offer! To celebrate the unique way in which Bristol blends them, Cocktails in the City has brought together some of Bristol’s best cocktail bars to host an evening dedicated to the wonderful world of cocktails!

If you haven’t heard about this amazing event yet, here’s the low down:

It’s the largest ever cocktail master class (I hope that’s, IN THE WORLD) and it will be held at St George’s Hall (that’s the grand looking concert hall just off Park St, towards  Brandon Hill – don’t try and sneak in there at night to have a look inside- they don’t  like it). It’s tomorrow, the 6th September, and there will be 11 bars, 300 cocktails enthusiasts and over 1,200 cocktails (and I plan on sampling all of them!). It’s going to be an amazing event! You can buy tickets for £20 here, or…

You can win a pair courtesy of It’s Just Nice!

All you have to do is tell us your most embarrassing cocktail realted story.

To get the ball rolling here’s some of ours:


My favourite cocktail bar in Bristol is Hyde & Co, it’s also one of the bars taking part in Cocktails in the City. It’s done up in the style of an old speak easy and is home to the very handsome bartender know to us as ‘the silver fox’. I was sat at the bar, with a friend, playing a nice game of gin face (stupid drinking game- basically you have to slam neat gin without pulling a face) and drinking delicious gin based cocktails (I like gin). It got to going home time and I couldn’t find my coat. I walked (stumbled) around the bar shouting at pretty much everyone, accusing them of stealing my coat. It wasn’t until ‘the silver fox’ came over and pointed out that I was holding my coat, the whole time, that I stopped.


I’m ashamed to say that my cringe worthy cocktail related story also unfolded in the glorious speak easy surroundings of Hyde and Co, and unfortunately, also feature ‘the silver fox’. After a few too many gin based cocktails (I also like gin – can see why Frankie and I get on?) I decided I needed to go outside to get some fresh air. After stumbling outside I somehow got a bit lost, and was discovered lurking in a door way by ‘the silver fox’, who very kindly brought me a glass of water and told my friends I needed to go home.

I’m even more ashamed to say that the taxi ride home that evening cost me £90. My usual fare home is about £15…I’ll leave it your imaginations as to why it cost me so much…

We’ve all done it, so to be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets to Cocktails in the City, worth £40, simply drop us a comment on the blog below, or tell us about it on Twitter or Facebook.

We’ll announce the winner of the first pair of tickets today, and the second pair tomorrow lunch time, so put your dignity to one side and tell us all the gory details of your cringiest cocktail induced stories!


3 comments on “Win a pair of tickets to Cocktails in the City!

  1. Lynsey Arnold
    September 5, 2012

    So after getting engaged a couple of years ago I was feeling very grown up and decided that me and my friends would go for cocktails at Seven Shed to celebrate, and more importantly I could have one of my favourite Moscow Mules. Unfortunately, I get a little bit excitable when I’ve been drinking, and it being Christmas they had a Christmas tree with very large baubles on it (we’re talking netball sized baubles!). I happened to see this as an invitation to remove a bauble from the tree and start playing piggy in the middle with my friends – who wouldn’t? Unfortunately after a few disappointed looks (mainly from our own boyfriends) we agreed that we’d stop. Unfortunately on my last throw I was a little over enthusiastic and the giant bauble landed in the middle of a group of demure ladies also enjoying a cocktail and hitting one of them in the process before smashing on the floor in front of them. Dying of embarrassment and trying desperately to hide the fact it was me in fact who not only started the game but threw and smashed the bauble we made a sharp dive for their outside balcony to avoid the blame… Well we weren’t quite done drinking cocktails just yet.

  2. Polly
    September 5, 2012

    Well…my most embarrassing cocktail related story has got to be when I was was whisked to some uber-trendy bar by my boyfriend only to be confronted with the most confusing, super cool cocktail list & a hipster bartender who didn’t have time to explain every one to me. So, putting on my very best ‘oh yes I’ve had ALL of these before’ face I ordered one with Martini in the name, seemed safe, Bond drinks them all the time…but, what I actually ordered was a £7 tiny glass jug of vodka & an empty tumbler with a slice of orange in it YUM. I then had to pretend to thoroughly enjoy this gross drink, yuk! Never again.

  3. Meg Pope
    September 5, 2012

    These are brilliant guys – thanks for sharing!

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