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MudDock Deli: Just as nice, just as Bristol, just smaller!

If someone asks me for a recommendation on where to go for a cheap, tasty lunch in Bristol the first suggestion that springs to mind is always MudDock. Why? Because it’s a great independant place to get locally sourced food, served at reasonable prices in a laid back atmosphere that essentially makes it just oh-so-very-Bristol!

So it was with high hopes that I watched the newest addition to the MudDock family, the MudDock Deli, spring up along my route to work on Cumberland Road, and I’m pleased to report, they didn’t disappoint.

We popped in on a Tuesday lunch time, and although it was surprisingly busy, we managed to grab a sunny table outside. MudDock Deli has the same rustic ‘oh this old thing?’ charm that its big brother MudDock does so well, with lots of bare timber, wrought iron furniture and big blackboards with the menu choices scrawled upon. The only difference is everything feels slightly newer and fresher, but that’s probably because it is!

The lunch menu is generous but not over extensive, with a nice variation of traditional lunch time sandwiches and paninis mixed with homemade home made quiche and a selection of salads, pub favourites like fish and chips and some mean looking pizzas. My boyfriend, being the pizza fiend that he is opted for the chicken and chorizo mini pizza; a bargain at just £4, whilst I opted for calamari at £3.95.

Without wanting to wax lyrical too much, everything was exactly what you’d expect from the MudDock crew – simple, tasty and really well cooked. Will’s pizza was an absolute steal for less than a fiver, as it wasn’t far off the size of a full sized pizza, and was thin, crispy and with plenty of topping. My calamari was great-not rubbery in the slightest and served with a big pile of rocket and a massive dollop of some extremely tasty, garlicky herb mayo.

I’d be keen to try MudDock deli ‘after dark’ and see what their evening menu has to offer, as the loft space dining area looks like it could be a really cute place to go for dinner on an evening. Either way, I’ll definitely be heading back to MudDock deli for lunch very soon, and will be sending anyone who asks for a good lunch spot there too! Nice work MudDock-that’s a double whammy from me!


One comment on “MudDock Deli: Just as nice, just as Bristol, just smaller!

  1. Will (@Will_iam_norris)
    September 5, 2012

    I could literally eat that pizza right now!!! NOMNOMNOM!!

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