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The Friday Chair Dancer!

Get your disco guns out, and ride that chair like a cowgirl, because today is Friday which means it’s time to get your Friday chair dance on! There are no more bank holidays left this year and we had a frost this morning, but who cares! The music is playing and we are getting it on!

This is what we’re feeling this week, let us know what’s got you chair dancing this week!

This week Frankie’s chair dancing to:

This week has been full of music as I have been blasting my ears with as much as I can in preparation for mine and Meg’s first DJ gig this Saturday (It’s at the fleece- £8 to get in, it all goes to St Peter’s hospice- plug over). You know what, I’m not actually sure that I like the start of this track (the vocals aren’t great) but something happens at 1.30 that makes me pull my bass face and start fist pumping the air.

This week Meg’s chair dancing to:

As Frankie said, this week has been a musical one to say the least! I feel like when I haven’t had my headphones in at work, I’ve had my headphones on practising for our gig – I think a case of tinnitus is definitely on the cards for me!

Anyway, I’ve been inspired by some of Frankie’s meaty, bassy tracks that she’s chosen  for her half of our set, so I’ve chosen this beast of  a track by DotEXE as my Friday chair dancing track. It’s still got that Moomba beat that I’m working with in my set, but it’s just full of downright nasty bass – BOSH!

This week Cloe’s chair dancing to:

A little bit of Krafty Kuts and A. Skillz mini mix!!! This is an awesome little mini mix and is an ideal Friday chair dancer choice, mixing so many songs all into a bite size piece of goodness. It has some big beats and seamlessly flows. They have even thrown in a little bit of Daft Punk – which clearly means I am in love with it! Just remember… There was no music before Daft Punk – FACT!

Have an ace weekend and get your groove on! Also good luck girls – you will be ace!


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