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The Friday chair dancer

The Dream Team’s down one member this week, as Rosie’s off at Beacons Fetsival in the Yorkshire Dales! Luckily for her we’re due a heatwave tomorrow, which also works pretty well for us, as we’re heading down to See No Evil’s block party tomorrow.

Anyway, to get us, and of course all of you in the mood, here’s our top pick of what we’ve been chair dancing to this week – enjoy!

This week Meg’s chair dancing to:

Gangnam Style, by South Korean rapper, PSY.

Ok, please don’t judge me on this one – I haven’t completely lost my mind! This utterly mental track (and accompanying video!) was referred to me by my friend @Hen_Dubz, the coolest nerd I know, and I haven’t been able to stop watching it ever since – it’s addictive!

Since PSY uploaded the video to YouTube last month it’s gone well and truly viral, with over 34 million views and countless parody videos, all imitating the ‘ride it like a horse’ dance featuring in the video. Apparently ‘Gangnam Style’ refers to the affluent Gangnam district of Seoul, and basically means living a luxurious lifestyle.

The song is annoyingly catchy and the video is simply hilarious – Frankie and I have decided we’re going to learn the dance, so who knows, maybe we’ll be adding our very own Gangnam Style parody to the reams of existing ones on YouTube!

This week Cloe’s chair dancing to:

Ritual Union by Little Dragon. The reason I have chosen this pretty generic song this week is because I just basically just love it! On a rainy Friday afternoon I think it’s a real winner and always does an amazing job of making me smile. Little Dragon has a beautiful voice and seems to pair this perfectly with some quality beats. I can’t help but get my toe tap and chair dance onto this little beauty!

Feel free to let us know what your chair dancing to this Friday afternoon! Tweet us @Its_Just_Nice or comment on our Facebook page! #itsjustnice #fridaychairdancing


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