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Post Olympic blues… Our reflection on the best bits!

Love it or hate it the London Olympics was a tremendous success. Many people will be relieved that it’s over but many, many more are having withdrawal symptoms already. I fall heavily into the withdrawal camp – I loved every single minute of it; the highs, the lows and all the drama of this monumentus sporting event. It seemed to give the whole nation a positive bright light that blocked out the doom and gloom of all the hard times we’ve all recently been affected by. I believe that it all made us very proud to be British (Wow, I’m in a patriotic mood today!)

With the success of Team GB, the smooth running of the whole event and our marvellous support to all I think it was up there with being one of the best Olympics of all time. It seemed to lift and inspired a nation and hopefully the rest of the world. On reflection of the games I wanted to jog your memory with some of the most exciting and best bits!

Jessica Ennis: The face of 2012 She did it! Even with the pressure of the nation on her shoulders, this wonderful woman took gold in the women’s heptathlon! She exceeded herself and I believe she will certainly inspire a generation. She also has abs to die for! Well done Jess!

The British Cycling Team  I think we can all safely say that we smashed it! Bradley Wiggins, Laura Trott, Vicky Pendalton, Chris Hoy, Lizzie Armitstead and Jason Kenny to but mention a few. They brought us the first medal on the board, great disappointment on the road, amazing triumphs on the track, many tears and a few farewells. This sport has gripped the nation and firmly planted us as true kings and queens on the bike! They have even inspired my mum to go for a bike ride this week – how wonderful!

Mo Farah takes gold – twice! Probably one of the most tense Olympic moments was watching Mo Farah competing in both the 5,000m and 10,000m. Everyone watching ran every step with him and started shouting at the telly to carry him to the finish line! What a moment for him to win the double and I hope you all did the famous Mo-Bot in celebration of this monumentus achievement!

Tom Daley winning bronze – I believe everyone breathed a sigh of relief when the young and wonderfully talented Tom Daley made his mark on the diving world. With the expectations of the nation on his shoulders and shaky qualifying rounds, this bronze medal was just like winning gold for the team!

The golden boy of the games  Usain Bolt firmly secured his place as a legend by winning basically everything he tried! He took home three gold medals and hushed his doubters by winning the 100m, 200m and 100m relay! His comedy edge and wonderful talent captivated everyone! A personal highlight of mine is perfectly summed up in the picture below. He brings the fun back into the track events!

Charlotte Dujardin and her dancing horse Valegro  This was a truly breathtaking moment from the girl that had only been riding this horse for 18 months. Valegro actually danced around the spectacular arena to a wonderful piece of music. The whole performance was mesmerising!

Nicole Adams the biggest smile in women’s boxing  I wasn’t sure what I would think of the women’s boxing but after watching the wonderful Nicole Adams I was hooked! She has made history by being the first ever women to win a gold medal for women’s boxing at the Olympics and she did it all with her captivating smile on her face! You go girl!

And of course it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention our wonderful opening and closing ceremonies. The opening ceremony was purely outstanding, an incredible case study of our history, our exports and our culture. It showcased to the world what a wonderful country we really are! The closing ceremony was a different vibe all together and the final party to round up the games. In my option it wasn’t as enchanting as the opening ceremony, but I sure did enjoy the Spice Girls!

The last person that certainly deserves a mention is the great Michael Phelps – he is the most decorated Olympian of all time with 22 medals. All I can say is wow! He will surly be missed from the sport of swimming,

So that is that – the games are over and that was my pick of just a few of my favorite moments! We now have the Paralympics preparation starting and all I can say is bring it on!!!

Farewell Team GB – We are looking forward to Rio already!


(All picture have come from The Guardian website which has had some brilliant coverage on the games. To view more of their pictures please visit )


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