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The Friday chair dancer

The It’s Just Nice Dream Team are off to Alfresco Disco tomorrow, so needless to say we’re all fairly over excited as it is. So what better way to tip the excitement up to fever pitch than with a good old Friday afternoon chair dance?!!

As always, let us know what you’re chair dancing to this week by leaving us a comment, tweeting at us, or letting us know on Facebook. You can also keep up to date with what we’re listening to on our SoundCloud page.

This week Meg is chair dancing to:

This amazing Moombahton remix of S&M by Rihanna. I have to admit Rihanna’s a bit of a guilty pleasure for me at the best of times, and S&M has always been my favourite of all her tracks, so when I stumbled across this brilliant 110bpm version on SoundCloud I couldn’t really resist!

This week Rosie is chair dancing to:

Mogwai! Well swaying rather than dancing maybe. On Sunday I had a 4 hour car journey back from Cornwall with my boyfriend. Perfect for some chair dancing. Obviously this isn’t that dancy but I’ve chosen it firstly because Mogwai are one of my favourite bands and secondly to give you an idea of that journey. Imagine 4 hours in the car listening to me singing along to this – not exclusively to the vocal parts either.

This week Cloe is chair dancing to:

This week I have chosen an epic dubstep remix by Cragga of the brilliantly classic song – Please Mr Postman.  With Alfresco Disco tomorrow this will certainly be on my getting ready playlist as it always gets me in the mood for a good old bit of grime. I hope that you all enjoy it’s heavy beats as much as I do!

This week Frankie is chair dancing to:

After Meg landed that amazing moombahton rework of Rihanna’s S&M on me it got me wanting more! So I did some hunting and found this amazing bootleg of Where have you been by Haydn Hoffman. Let it get its thing on, because when it drops it’s insane! Incredibly dirty, just like the wonderful Rihanna.


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