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The Olympics – it’s just nice!

I have already shared with you all about why the F1 is just nice and now I’m going to tell you all why the Olympics is ruddy marvellous with a run down of my favourite moments so far! (And we are only a few days in!)

The Opening Ceremony

The London Olympics finally kicked off on Friday night and I am sure like most of you I was glued to the screen watching Danny Boyle’s mesmerising opening ceremony.  It was a purely wonderful way to kick off the games. There is not much more I can say about this that hasn’t already been said but it’s worth saying it made me incredibly proud to be British. A personal highlight, like for many others, was it being the real Queen-I’m completely in awe that she decided to take part! The only bit that did take it’s time was introducing all of the athletes; it did show up my geography rather badly. However we did enjoy learning the names of many new countries! I could write all day about this, however I will try to sum it all up by saying that it was a spectacle for the senses and a very proud moment for our tidy island.

Ladies Road Bike Race

After the disappointment of the men’s road race I wasn’t that keen on getting involved with this again, I can be known to be overcome with emotion… However I have to say that this nail biting race certainly was excellent. Once Lizze Armitstead made the break away there was no way of knowing if the peloton was going to swallow her back up again. But those girls gave it their all and in the last 5km I was stood up screaming at the television to give her the last bit of strength – I like to think my shouting contributed to the silver!

Rebecca Swimming

Rebecca Adlington had the weight of a nation on her shoulders as she dived into the pool for the 400m freestyle race, trying to defend that gold medal. It was a close race, which again involved us all shouting “Come on Becky!!!” She gave a valiant effort and even beat her gold medal winning time in Beijing to take away a bronze medal. A fantastic effort and the first ever British women to win in consecutive Olympics.

Men’s Road Bike Racing

This has been my saddest moment so far. It was heart breaking watching team GB get no support from the other countries and watching Mark Cavendish’s dreams fall away from him.  I even welled up at one point!! Road racing is a sport I have only recently gotten into and started to understand, however it’s truly wonderful watching the gruelling 250km. Dubbed as the dream team they gave it their all until they could give no more. I wish them all the best of luck for the next stages in this Olympics!

Women’s Volleyball

Team GB played Canada on Sunday and it was a massive surprise to me that I really did enjoy it! Canada won the first game, Team GB the second meaning the final match was the decider. With minimal points in it, it once again became a nail biting moment when we won the match! It had all the drama, fun and tension that you get watching any great sporting moments. I will certainly be tuning in for the next matches!

Discovering Handball

After flicking though the many many many Olympic BBC channels I came across this every unusual, yet sometimes brutal sport – handball. The pace is fast and the rules seem slightly insane; a mix of basketball, football and probably most other pitch related sports and I have to say I am hooked! I do recommend try to catch this, purely for entrainment purposes!

So that’s my round up so far and I am super excited about many more exciting and tense moments to come!

A great way to follow all the action is to download the London 2012 Results app and to follow Team GB on twitter! Enjoy!


All pictures have been taken from The Guardian website which has some brilliant coverage of the games!


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