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Rocotillos: A Bristol institution

Nestled on the corner of Clifton Triangle is Rocotillos; an unassuming little diner that’s sat quietly in this prime location since 1995.
But behind this unremarkable facade is possibly one of the best little restaurants in Bristol.

We go to Rocotillos regularly, normally for breakfast, and it’s always packed. If you’re early you can get a spot in one of the 50’s style booths, but I prefer to sit at the bar, where you can watch everything going on (and pretend that you’re in Grease!)

The menu here is simple, American style diner food, and it doesn’t big itself up as anything otherwise. Breakfasts are cheap, generous, and delicious. I usually opt for the crumpets with scrambled eggs, with smoked salmon if I’m feeling flash. I know crumpets aren’t typical American fare but when you’re faced with three perfectly toasted crumpets, smothered in butter and topped with a mound of scrambled eggs, cooked absolutely perfectly, who’s going to quibble? They also do the best freshly squeezed orange juice I’ve ever had, but considering it always is just that-freshly squeezed-it’s hardly a surprise!

The lunch menu is just as good, and portions are huge! Rocotillos burgers are always a winner, served simply with your choice of toppings and sides. They also offer curly fries topped with cheese, which my junk food loving boyfriend is always too eager to order. Their Mac & Cheese is again, mammoth, and is just what the doctor ordered if you’re craving something comforting, cheesy, and with a smack of saltiness from the optional topping of bacon.

And finally, I couldn’t do a review of Rocotillos without mentioning their crowning glory -their milkshakes. With flavours ranging from traditional chocolate right the way through to raspberry pavlova, these milkshakes are a serious contender for the best in Bristol, and true to form, are enormous!

So if you find yourself craving some simple, delicious American diner style grub anytime soon, head to Rocotillos. You won’t get a gourmet, Michelin starred meal, but what you will get is great food, great service, all served in a great little diner at great prices. What more could you want?


1 Queen’s Row,



T: 0117 929 7207

You can follow Rocotillos on Twitter @rocotillos


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