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Customising an old t-shirt into a plaited racerback

As mentioned in an earlier post, here at It’s Just Nice we love a bit of craft! So I was delighted when I spotted an easy to follow step-by-step video on Pinterest, on how to turn and old oversized t-shirt in a cool racer back with a plait. This was the ideal opportunity for me to give an old All Saints men’s t-shirt a bit of a revamp, and finally get round to customising it as I’d always intended!

The video below is my inspiration, and is very good! I’d really recommend giving it a watch – however I have also typed up my steps, with a few tips on how I found it, so you all can make an awesome racer back with a plait! I promise it’s very easy and well worth giving it a go!

Step 1 – Cut the sleeves off. You want to starting cutting from about an inch below where the sleeve meets the body of the tee and just cut up to the top of the tee in a straight line. I found it easier to draw the line there first. You can then take that sleeve, turn it over and line it up on the other side. This means that you cut the same size bit off. Again I found it useful to line it up on the tee and draw the line of where I wanted to cut straight on.

Step 2 – Now you need to turn the tee over so its facing the back and draw on some deeper back holes. I did one side at a time so I could use the first cut out as a template for the other one.

Step 3 – Cut the neck out. I was a bit apprehensive about doing this to start with as it felt like I was just getting scissor happy. But I persisted and cut it out about half an inch away for the original neckline.

Step 4 – Turn the tee over again and cut across the back of your racer back about 2/3 inches down from your new collar. Again, it really does feel like you are cutting for cuttings sake, but I assure you its going to work!

Step 5 – With the delicately named ‘flappy bit’ cut 3 strips down. I found it easier to draw the lines straight onto the tee to make sure I was cutting in a straight line. I also cut to about 2 inched below where in widened armholes ended.

Step 6 – Give your newly cut strips a good pull. This should make them curl back on themselves a little. Now you are ready to plait it!

Step 7 – Plait it all the way to the top! (Simples!)

Step 8 – Securing the plait. In the video they ask you to put a few stitches at the top of the plait to secure it. I didn’t have a needle or a thread at the time so I opted to use a small safety pin and that worked just as well!

Step 9 – Now fold your neck hole in half and find the middle. Attach the plait to it. I again used a safety pin and it worked just the same. A little tip here is make sure you get right in the middle – I didn’t the first time round and it looked really odd.

Step 10 – Use a bit of fabric from the arm and cut it into a strip about 4/5 inches long. Give it a tug and then wrap it around the join of the plait and the neck. This really does neaten up the look of the whole thing. Again I secured with a small safety pin.

And there you have it – a cool, revamped racer back tee with a plait!  Its also worth noting that it gives your tee a lovely shape at the front, I really am very pleased. So simple and quick to do I really do recommend giving it a go!

Enjoy the video!


P.S. The neck on mine looks a bit wonky in the picture – but in real life its all good! I can’t wait to wear this out with my denim shorts – that’s when its going to look it’s best I think!


4 comments on “Customising an old t-shirt into a plaited racerback

  1. Frankie
    July 4, 2012

    LOVE! Going to definitely try this.

  2. Dana
    October 4, 2012

    AMAZING! looks awesome! Thanks so much!

  3. goldenfidget
    December 30, 2013

    going to try this on a couple over sized shirts I have been given from work for my trip to Bali. Awesome. Super original

    • Cloe Grimsey
      January 4, 2014

      So pleased that you like it – I have a whole collection of them now!

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