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The sale season is upon us once again!

The sale season comes but once a year… no- wait- that’s not right! Officially there are two main sale seasons; end of spring/summer and end of autumn/winter, but many shops now have mid seasons sales and all kinds of discounts to entice us in.

I’m a huge sale shopper and a big fan of finding a bargain – I am, in short, a total addict! I’ve spent many years (and an awful a lot of money) perfecting the art of a good sale shop and I thought I would share a couple of my tips! I’ll also be sharing some of my favorite sale sites and my personal top picks from them!

So…down to business!

Tip 1 – Sometimes it pays to wait. If you spot something you like near the sale period, please don’t panic buy it and wait for a couple of weeks until it goes into the sale. It can be a painful process of waiting, but you could be saving 50%!!! If the item is sold– it was quite simply not meant to be. However this rarely happens now as the stores have lots of stock and should be able to locate it for you. If you cant live without the item please do not try this!

Tip 2 – Save items and create wish lists. On many websites now you can save items onto a wish list. ASOS is s great site for this. My tip is save everything you love to this and then once the sale starts you can log on and check out the savings. This is a great time saving tip when the sale day starts and means no trawling to find your items!

Tip 3 – Wait a little more… Playing the long game can really make a difference with sale items.  Waiting for that infamous second mark down can be agonizing but it’ll mean a wonderful reward. It’s a big gamble and I would only recommend it if you don’t mind losing to the system. On the other hand it can mean a great reward!

I hope those tips where helpful! Now onto some great sale sites;


This is a great site all year round, however with the ‘save item’ feature and brilliant discounts you can’t really go wrong on here! My favorite item at the moment is this cracking playsuit  – £30 down to £15.

All Saints

I am a big lover of All Saints clothes – however would struggle to buy their stuff at full price. So why not wait until the sale! Many items go fast and the sizes can be limiting, however I love browsing their lovely selection. My pick from here is these ace little booties that where £295 down to £147.50! Still a little pricey, but I think I am in love!


This is always a good staple site to sale shop and you have a real chance to find a bargain. The order is a bit jumbled, however the filter bar is easy to use and narrows those searches down. My pick from this site is this really lush graphic tee by Garth Pugh for Topshop, it was £30 and now its only £15.

I hope I have been of service and happy shopping! Let us know if you grab a bargain – especially if it’s just nice!



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