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Why watching the F1 on a Sunday is just nice… (No really it is!)

Right so you must be thinking that is some sort of wind up – a girl spending her Sunday afternoon watching noisy cars just go round and round, round and round. How can that be fun? Well very much to my surprise, it is!

My love of this sport started last year when my brother sat me down one Sunday afternoon and made me watch a whole grand prix. I was less than enthused at the time to actually watch a whole race, and was wondering why I had bothered to come and visit to him just to spend the afternoon watching cars go round a track. After the first 10 minutes (and many questions to my brother), and rather unexpectedly,I was totally hooked! The drivers over taking, cars bumping, riding onboard and the atmosphere that seemed to have transmitted right out of the TV – it was thrilling and not at all what I expected! It’s a whole glamour lifestyle where they certainly do work very hard and play even harder in the millionaire’s playground! A wonderful world of surrealism and escapism!

Jenson Button recently said that the best thing about being an F1 driver is all of the free stuff that he gets. This includes cars, clothes, and pretty much everything you could think of. This on top of the £6 million he gets paid a year to drive a car. It’s a real shame that he has a girlfriend!

So when the new season started this year I decided that I was going to give it a full on go and I’m totally hooked! So far there has been 7 different winners and many hair-raising moments including Lewis Hamlition crashing out with 3 laps to go in Valencia and Jenson Button’s downward spiral. There have been some fantastic and extremely tense races and even many of the professionals say it has been the closes season yet! I would be inclined to agree being my first .

So with the weather being so bad this year I encourage you all to give it go – you never know; you may just fall in love with it like me!


P.S. The best site for all of the latest F1 news and gossip is the BBC – give it a go if you dare!


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