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Hello world and hello it’s just nicers!

Hello and a very warm welcome to our new blog on all things that are just nice! On here we hope to lift some of the doom and gloom that we read about everyday and bring you a variety of all things old, new, and slightly quirky but all just nice! We’ll also be telling you all about the great things going on in our wonderful city, Bristol, so if you’re a Bristolian born and bred (like Meg!) or you’re an honorary member of the Brizzle community (like Cloe and Rosie) you’ll hopefully be able to relate to some of our ramblings.   So without further ado lets get down to business and let me tell you a little but more about us!

We are 3 lovely ladies who all live, work and all play in Bristol and often get mistaken for being in a girl band due to coordinating our outfits purely coincidently!

So first up we have Miss Meg Pope

Meg is a keen fashionista and not so secretly wants to be a mermaid when she grows up! She is currently teaching herself to be a super star DJ and is a fantastic cook – one of the best I know! She is also a lover of all things leopard print and neon – buts lets face it who isn’t! She’s a born and bred Bristolian, and is a tiny bit obsessed with electro dance music. You can follow Meg on Twitter @meg_pope

Next on our hit list we have Miss Rosie Clarkson

Rosie is the coolest geek that I have ever met and seems to surpass her own amazing style on a daily basis! She is a lover of her booties and will only attend a festival if the line up is really any good, not if just the cool kids are going! She is very matter a fact and is not one for shying away from speaking her mind – that’s why we love her! You can follow Rosie on Twitter @shoegazey_pie

That brings us to the last member of the ‘dream team’ and that would be me… Cloe Roberts-Grimsey

It’s a bit difficult to write about yourself but I am going to give this my best shot! I am huge lover of fashion and in particular Lyrca!  I have been known to don on the odd catsuit and love a good fancy dress outfit. I am also a fan of chair dancing – I believe it should be enforced into every office on a Friday afternoon! You can follow Cloe on Twiter @littleponder

So that’s the ‘dream team’ and you can follow us on Twitter, Pinterest and even Soundcloud so hopefully we will thrill all of your sensory needs!

If you feel compelled share you’re it’s just nicer’s, so feel free to get involved and email us at



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